Stamplines Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This Offer A Scam Deal?

Have you seen a website that has innumerable stamps? Then, please go through these Stamplines Reviews to get the website’s legitimacy details.

Have you confessed the reality of an online site trading postage stamps? If not, then let us together conclude the fact in this write-up. 

Do you know about stamps? And why do few people collect them? As per our opinion, stamp collection is a devoted practice that allows one to simultaneously explore the world of geography, art, politics, and history. 

Presently, most United States people are asking for a website’s truth selling different stamps. So let us answer their questions by disclosing Stamplines Reviews

What is 

It is a cyber shopping site that produces stamps forever at a reasonable cost. Moreover, they have claimed that these stamps are valid forever and you can use them for mailing for different purposes.

Also, they added that the stamps are self-adhesive and stick to any surface easily. 

More Details or Features of the Portal 

  • is the mail address. 
  • The office address is 685 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94105, United States
  • The calling number is absent on the website, which creates suspicion. Thus, this information will assist us in peeling the fact- Is Stamplines Legit
  • They take 2 working days to ship your parcel via the USPS system. 
  • You can also receive your parcel within 8-15 business days.  
  • After applying for a return, they will respond to you within 24 hours. 
  • They have incorporated several postage stamps. 
  • You can pay them via Shopify, PayPal, and credit cards.  
  • The website’s official link is 
  • No traces of the exchange policy are gained from the site. 
  • The newsletter option is seen. 
  • The site has social media icons of Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, considering the Stamplines Reviews.
  • The refund facility is present under which they will offer the payment after receiving the returned parcel. 
  • was registered 27 days from now, since its creation date is the 1st of November 2021. However, the site will terminate on 01-11-2022. 

Highlighting the Boons of

  • They offer free shipping over $39 due to the ‘Black Friday sale.’
  • Over the homepage, we noticed an office and email address. 
  • The icons for social sites are present.
  • A Free shipping feature is seen. 
  • They have provided the newsletter option. 
  • The facts on Stamplines Reviews have exposed that address is quoted on the site.

What are the Defects in the Site? 

  • The trust score and rank are 2% and 1.4/100. 
  • The reviews of Trustpilot are missing. 
  • An outline of the exchange policy is lacking. 

Is Stamplines a Scam? 

In this section, we will gather details to know the site’s worthiness. So, let us initiate our research- 

  • Domain expiration date- will suspend on the 1st of November 2022. 
  • Customer feedbacks- Limited reviews are released on the Internet. 
  • Alexa Rank- No Alexa rank is cited to prove Is Stamplines Legit
  • Owner’s name- The founder’s identity is lacking. 
  • Domain Age- The website is only 27 days old. 
  • Discounts information- Numerous products are provided with a 31% rebate. 
  • Trust score and rank- has a poor trust rank of 1.4/100 and a score of 2%
  • Social links- The website has covered the Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest icons but is not valid. 
  • Address details– No such firm is situated in the supplied address. 
  • Plagiarized content- 92% plagiarism is spotted for the site’s content. 
  • Policies- Detailed facts on the exchange policy are absent. 

Buyers’ Stamplines Reviews

The customers’ ratings on Trustpilot are missing, which creates suspicion. In addition, a lack of buyers’ reaction is seen on the official site. However, on another site, we have seen a customer complaining that the site is utilizing the USPS logo, but the products having such a logo don’t sell their products at a discounted rate. 

Also, since has a low trust rank and score, buyers may not believe this site. In addition, invalid social media connections have reported that the portal is suspicious. Moreover, learn more about the PayPal scams here.  

The Final Verdict 

The post on Stamplines Reviews has introduced us to a site trading unique postage stamps. Moreover, it is a 27-day old website and hasn’t received much value. Also, the connection to social platforms, including Facebook, is missing.  

Despite providing discounts, has a low trust rank and score. Thus, we suggest you inspect this site properly before investigating it, as it appears to be questionable. If credit card scams have fooled you, visit here. 

Does this site trap you? Would you please share your views? 

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  1. I fell for the Black Friday sale and purchased (2) 100 packs of stamps for$58.00 never heard any more and never seen any stamps! DONT DO IT!


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