St Louis Cardinals 45 Patch {Oct} Why Rising In Demand?

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If you are looking to know the importance of St Louis Cardinals 45 Patch, read this article covering in-depth information about Patch-45.

St Louis Cardinals Patch-45 has a long history. It marks 45 numbers on the jersey, which famous players had to wear in many matches. The dress with the number 45 has become a mark of respect in the Cardinals team. Did you know that there is a high demand to buy a jersey with Patch-45 in the United States? What is the reason for the rise in demand?

Let us review all the factors about St Louis Cardinals 45 Patch.

Cardinals honors Bob Gibson:

Bob had left the St Louis Cardinals wearing a jersey with this number. Hence, St Louis Cardinals will wear the jersey with 45 Embroidery Patch as an honor to Bob, celebrating his departure.

The St Louis Cardinals Memorial Embroidery Patch-45 marks the number which was on the dress of Bob Gibson. Bob Gibson was a famous player. He had won many awards and accolades. During the 17th season with St Louis Cardinals, Bob Gibson had won more than 20 matches with a dignified presence in the game.

During an interview, Bob said that it was a gift. Wearing St Louis Cardinals 45 Patch, he was the nine-time All-Star Winner. He had won 19 Gold Awards. He had won the Most Valuable Player Award. In addition, Bob had set the World Series record with 17 strikeouts and seven consecutive wins. St Louis Cardinals Memorial Embroidery Patch-45 celebrates the contribution of Bob to St Louis Cardinals.

Bob Gibson’s jersey number 45 was retired from the team on 01/Sep/1975. It was included in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1981. Patch-45 (or) the number 45 is regarded as a memorial patch of St Louis Cardinals.

Significance of St Louis Cardinals 45 Patch:

  • In 2019, MLB players were wearing the number on the arms of their dresses. It is because they wanted to pay tribute to Tyler Skaggs, who had passed away.
  • Between 2004 and 2006, Baseball Almanac players had dressed up in uniforms that had numbers that St Louis Cardinals players had used. It also included Patch-45.
  • In September 2021, Cardinals dressed up in 45 Patch as a tribute to Lou Brock, who had demised.

45 Patch design:

This patch features Bob’s Jersey number 45 in red color on a cream background in a circle with red and his signature in blue on an embroidered St Louis Cardinals 45 Patch. It measures approximately 3.5 inches in diameter. St Louis Cardinals Patch-45 is fully embroidered. The memorial patch is made by Emblem Source. This patch is designed for nostalgic, commemorative displays and for collectors who are fans of Bob. This Embroidery Patch is available for sale online in America ranging from $12 to $20.


Patch-45 (or) the number 45 is regarded as a memorial patch of St Louis Cardinals. Though the number was retired by the Cardinals, on special occasions and events, the team features Patch-45 on their t-shirts. The St Louis Cardinals 45 Patch is not only used by baseball players but also by players of other games. Due to this, people also started buying Patch-45.

Are you a fan of Bob Gibson? Let us know your views about the Cardinals.

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