Squirtle Wordle {March 2022} Get Link To Play This Game!

This news is a complete insight for a puzzle based on Pokemon fans to test their knowledge through Wordle in Squirtle Wordle.

Have you heard about the update of the dumb role with Pokemon theme is Wordle? Have you played the Kotaku update in pokédex? Players from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are willing to know about the possible answers based on the Pokemon theme for squirdle. 

Based on a spin concept from John, these idea Pokemon have given tremendous rising popularity and twist of ideas for puzzles. Let us know more about the alternative words from the Pokemon spinner and free install process of Squirtle Wordle!

The Pokemon theme for Squirtle

Many Pokemon fans wonder about the new updated characters taking place in Wordle. Wordle it’s trying to come up with a new team idea of introducing Pokemon characters in the puzzle. Based on the Pokedex update, the fire blend has been cloned into Squirdle. 

The game has developed a great twist that Die Hard fans or top players can solve. In the Pokemon game more than 900 Pokemon have made existence in generation 1; however, with complex close and confusing letters, the puzzle has been exciting for Pokemon lovers.

Read below more about the clone puzzle based on Squirtle Wordle Pokemon?

Facts about Pokemon variant Wordle

The Pokemon theme on Wordle, created by Costa Rican, is called Squirtle. The new features with the upcoming generation of listed below:-

  • The players are given seven guesses and 1 hint relating to the previous hints.
  • If the guess is correct, the box will turn green.
  • The box with an upwards Arrow indicates the previous alphabets.
  • Box with a down arrow indicates the lower generation or height of Pokemon.
  • The player has options to look for first-generation or recent generation characters.
  • The Squirtle game update only deals with the professional and variety of players who know in-depth details about Pokemon.

Squirtle Wordle: How to Download

The Wordle application is easy to download and access. Squirtle is an inbuilt application provided in the game. Follow the process below to get a free download for the game:-

  • Visit the official website of Wordle through the internet, and also, mentioned in the conclusion below.
  • Click to the right-hand side and pop up for different versions that will be listed.
  • Scroll down to the Squirdle button.
  • Click on the Pokemon puzzle update, and you can play for free.

Why is Squirtle Wordle Pokemon Trending?

The new update provides more facilities to the players than the usual system. Also, many franchise sponsors make the game best for hardcore players as it is not easy to pass the puzzle, so it has been trending!


In conclusion, we suggest that our readers play this popular and exciting game. It is seen that players with good knowledge about Pokemon can only solve with easy hands! Crossing the type 2 level with various puzzles and big hints is difficult.

Do you know about the franchise taken by The Gamers for improving the trend of Squirtle Wordle? Comment below on which category of Pokemon you solve.

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