Squidgame Reviews (Oct 2021) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Do you want to gather information about a site trading famous merchandise? So, let us dive into Squidgame Reviews to investigate its value.

Are you dying to wear the jersey of your favorite game? Then please grant us to unearth more facts on such websites that sell series costumes. 

All of us are now aware of the well-liked Korean Series named ‘Squid Game’ receiving much gratitude Worldwide. However, the show’s storyline revolves around some hundred poor people invited to play deadly games, of which the last survivor will win a reward. 

Recently a new website has emerged that is selling the player’s costumes of Squid Game. So, follow us to dig more into the site utilizing Squidgame Reviews.

What is Squidgame.ink?

This newly evolved online shopping portal provides players’ costumes for the popular Netflix series ‘Squid Game.’ Moreover, it allows the user to buy merchandise as per their need and budget. The website trades products including:

  • Tracksuit 
  • Frontman masks
  • Guard full costume

The website lets users pay through various payment modes, including Apple Pay, PayPal, American Express, VISA, and MasterCard. As the website sells Squid Game products, more customers might get attracted. So, let us debate over its worthiness by scrutinizing its cues. 

Characteristic of the portal-to investigate ‘Is Squidgame Legit’?

  • Over the website, the email address is supplied as squidgame.inkk@gmail.com, where you can post and ask your question from them. 
  • The official URL of the site is https://squidgame.ink.
  • The users can avail of benefits from the 30-day return policy offered by the company. Furthermore, the user has to show the receipt of the purchase while returning.
  • A valid contact number is absent on the web page for which the users may divert from purchasing items. 
  • You can purchase any desirable item from their online shop if you want to apply for any exchange.
  • Squidgame Reviews have cited that if the return is approved, they will send you a return shipping label, a mandatory procedure for the buyers. 
  • For mailing purposes, they have an office address as 530-B HARKLE ROAD STE 100, Santa Fe NM 87505, États-Unis.
  • Social media icons are not present either on the portal or near the product description section.
  • The shipping policy is not cited on the website; however, the shipping charges will be calculated apart from the product’s price. So, the final price will be the item price plus the shipping fee. 
  • Squidgame Reviews have suggested PayPal, Apple pay, Debit, and MasterCard for transactions. 
  • No such information has been declared regarding the delivery policy.
  • For more recent shop updates, they have provided a newsletter option for users. 
  • The site’s domain creation date is 04-10-2021. Thus it will expire on 04-10-2021. 
  • The data relating to office hours is not noticed over the portal that created dubious activity. 
  • If the company allows the refund, then your amount will automatically be credited to your account. 

Some Advantages provided by the webpage

  • Considering the Is Squidgame Legit post, the site provides items related to the Squid Game series, including guard costumes and masks. 
  • An average trust rank of 47.7/100 is noticed for the site. In addition, it has got a trust score of 60%. 
  • Several payment modes are available against any purchase. 
  • The site suggests a newsletter facility.
  • Facts on email and office addresses have been noticed.
  • The company has quoted the return policy perfectly. 

Mention the drawbacks of the portal

  • There is no buyer’s reaction to Trustpilot.
  • Information on delivery and shipping policy is not included.
  • Squidgame Reviews revealed the website hasn’t included a particular refunding period. 
  • The social media links are absent. 

Is Squidgame.ink Fake?

  • Domain age- The website is fresh as it was created on 04-10-2021 and has a short-life expectancy.
  • Trust score- The trust score of 60% is noticed. 
  • HTTPS information- The legit HTTPS details are noticed. 
  • Founder’s Name- Unavailable. 
  • Policies mentioned- All policies are indicated, except the shipping and delivery policy. 
  • Owner’s Details: There are no details of the owners.

Customers’ Reaction 

No customer reviews have been cited over Trustpilot. Also, the social media links are absent, which has imparted dubious activity. Visit here to know if you noticed someone by PayPal scams. 

The Final Verdict 

Squidgame Reviews have taught us about the game stating that it revolves around the survival of people in a children’s game. However, the post has revealed the products sold by Squidgame.ink, including the Tracksuit.  

The site has gained an average trust score and rank, but the absence of social media links and buyers’ reactions has failed to build trust. Therefore, be aware and conduct proper research to prevent huge losses and learn here about the credit card scams.

Have you been aware of this site before? Would you mind informing us by mentioning your words below?  

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