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Squid Game Costume Canada (Oct 2021) Is This Legit?

Squid Game Costume Canada Online Product Reviews

The guide shares details about the new Squid Game Costume Canada that is making news amongst the fans. 

Do you enjoy the famous Korean thriller, Squid game? Are you planning to dress up like a character in the Squid Game? Then, why not consider wearing the guard costume this Halloween, the pink hooded jumpsuit with harnesses, belts, and a plastic fencer mask.

The Squid Game Costumes have an appealing design, and the famous is the hot pink jumpsuit with a black fencer mask. People in Canada are gearing up to look like their favorite character this Halloween and planning to buy the Squid Game Costume Canada.  

But, ensure to read the review below before making a purchasing decision.

What is Squid Game Costume?

Squid Game Costume, especially the pink jumpsuit with black fencer mask, is the guard uniform worn by guards in the Korean Thriller, Squid Game. The show is getting very famous, and people in Canada who are attracted to it are deciding to look like their favorite character in the show with the Squid Game Costume.

The Squid Game Jumpsuit Costume is the unisex Halloween costume that is also suitable for cosplays. Inspired by the famous Korean Thriller show, the Squid Game Costume Canada typically restores the images of the characters, making it the perfect choice for those who love the show.

What is Squid Game?

Squid Game is the popular Korean action-thriller starring Park Hae-Soo, Lee Jung, Wi Ha-Joon, O Yeong- Su, and others in the lead role. As per sources, the show has turned out to be the first K-rated drama series on Netflix and marked its presence in the top show list of the streaming platform.

Squid Game is the first non-English show on Netflix that has become the leading series in the world.     

Specifications of the Item

  • Product Category –Squid Game Costume Canada Jumpsuit 
  • Color – Pink
  • Size – S-3XL
  • Material – 100% Polyester
  • Weight – 750g
  • Package Inclusions – Mask, Gloves, Belt and Jumpsuit
  • Recommended Age – 12 Months and Above
  • Department – Men
  • Price – $14.89
  • Brand – SYZD
  • Shipping – 4-5 Days  

Pros of Squid Game Costume 

  • Skin-friendly and breathable fabric is used
  • The package includes everything from mask to gloves, belt and jumpsuit
  • The famous Korean Thriller show inspires the costume
  • Suitable for role-playing, Halloween party, fancy dress, theme parties, and other occasions
  • Squid Game Costume Canada is lightweight and suitable for small kids 
  • Available on different ecommerce website

Cons of Squid Game Costume 

  • We found no reviews of the particular jumpsuit, but there are reviews for other costumes
  • It is only designed for kids above 12 months 
  • Not clear whether it is machine washable or not

Is Squid Game Costume Legit or Scam?

Consumers always prefer checking the product’s legitimacy before investing their money. So, below is a list of pointers that will let you know whether Squid Game Costume Canada is legit and worth buying or not.   

  • The product is available on multiple ecommerce websites, including
  • The product comes with a return and exchange policy, and hence consumers can exchange or return if there is quality issues.
  • The specific product may not have reviews at the moment, but other costumes have been appreciated and praised by many consumers with positive reviews. 
  • The seller of the product is Amazon certified, and it guarantees a secure transaction.

Based on all these pointers, we can’t consider it a scam. The product seems legit and worth buying to look like a murderous guard from the Korean Thriller, Squid game this Halloween.

Squid Game Costume Canada – Customers’ Reviews   

As mentioned, we have evaluated the particular product online and found no reviews. However, the same guard jumpsuit with a different mask design is also being sold by another ecommerce website, where we found a few reviews from consumers. They are favorable. 

However, the particular product we are reviewing has no online comments or feedbacks from customers. So, readers have to search a bit more to find some unbiased and genuine comments and reviews before investing their money on Squid Game Costume Canada.

Without reading the reviews and comments, consumers would find difficulty in making the right buying decision. So, it is urged to read the reviews and the helpful tips on checking the product’s legitimacy before buying.


Squid Game is the famous action thriller on Netflix and has larger fan followers globally. Since Halloween is soon approaching, people are gearing up to look like their favorite character of the show.       

The guard jumpsuit is getting popular, and people plan to dress up like a guard in the show with Squid Game Costume Canada.

Have you ordered your Squid Game Jumpsuit Costume? Then, be the first to share your views in the comment section.

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