Squab Wordle {April} Discover All Hints, Puzzle Answer!

The article shows the complete details of the wordle puzzle game that deals with five letters, and the players can try Squab Wordle.

Are you curious to play different wordle games? Did you search for unique models of puzzles to play? While searching, did you go through the game that is mentioned here? If not, find the game’s complete information in the below-mentioned article.

The game is becoming popular among people Worldwide. Many players are fond of playing this kind of puzzle.

More information is obtained for the people to play Squab Wordle.

Guess the words to solve the puzzle.

The most popular game is Wordle puzzles, and players enjoy cracking the puzzles. Guessing the five-letter word is a challenging task for the players, and the difficulty is when the player finds the first three letters and seeks for other two letters to solve the puzzle for the day. Below are provided with a few five-letter words that help the players to solve quickly and share the score on social media and wait for the next puzzle until it arrives at midnight.

Few hints to guess the Squab Game Wordle

List of words:

Squab, squad, squat, squaw, squeg, squib, squid, squir, squit, squiz, etc. 

For Wordle words with SQU at the beginning, use any five-letter words from the list to increase the Wordle score. Enter the word chosen into the Wordle letterboxes and hit ENTER, or browse through this list to find the word the player wants to use for a guess.

It’s supposed to be this unusual combination of letters that will hopefully help the players in the future. The words in this list are tested in Wordle to ensure that they are accepted in word to answer Is Squab a Word.

Why are wordle puzzles trending? 

Wordle keeps on chugging along every day. There are new words every day, and millions of people struggle to understand them. The most loyal Wordle players can be stumped on some days, while others are difficult. Throughout the night, a new word appears to be tackled by players. Players receive a new combination of letters every night. The daily puzzles have never slowed since New York Times acquired Wordle. A number of the words begin with unusual letter combinations, making them difficult to guess. This board will guide you through one such combination of letters, SQU.

Hints to solve Squab Wordle 

Few hints are provided to guess the Wordle on April 11th. 

  • There are several players
  • A unit of the military
  • A group of cheerleaders
  • Suicide


As per research, the word puzzle game is played by the players to find the five-letter word and enjoy guessing the unique words that help gain knowledge and make the brain feel fresh. The above-provided words are helpful for the players to guess quickly.

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Go through the details of Squab Wordle by playing the puzzle game online.  

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