Spotify Wrapped Error (Dec 2021) How To Resolve It?

The guide shares the common fixes available for the Spotify Wrapped Error that global users are facing currently.   

Spotify, the renowned online music service, has announced its third edition “Wrapped” playlist. It shows the top artists, albums, and music users enjoyed listening to in the last year. 

However, many Worldwide users are experiencing issues when attempting to view their stories. People are facing errors when accessing the Wrapped feature. Some complain that the application is getting crashed when they try to launch the Wrapped feature on the application.  

But, you don’t have to panic as there are fixes available for the Spotify Wrapped Error. Please, continue reading for more details.

Introducing Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is the new playlist service by the online music service Spotify. The feature displays the top albums, songs, artists that users listened to in the last calendar year. The feature allows the users to view songs, artists, genres, albums, and podcasts on the social media application.

It is the annual service that displays the listening habits of users and their position in the top percentage of specific artists. However, despite being the most appreciated platform, it has been hindering Worldwide users from accessing it, offering an error message.  

What is the Spotify Wrapped Error?

Wrapped Error is the message displayed when attempting to launch the Wrapped feature on the online music service application. Many people reported that they were facing an error when launching the feature on the application.

The owner of the music service is aware of it, and it is not yet clear what is causing the error. But it is like a consequence that is rolling out to the subscribers over a few hours. Some say that Spotify Wrapped Error can be a device-related issue, while others guess that poor internet connection is causing the error. So, refreshing the application and connecting the device to high-speed internet can fix the error.  

How to Fix the Wrapped Error on Spotify?

If you are amongst those facing the Wrapped Error on your Spotify application, don’t panic, as fixes are available. Below are some hacks that can help you fix the Spotify Wrapped Error and view the annual Wrapped report with ease.  

  • If you can’t launch the Wrapped function despite closing the Spotify app entirely, check for updates. Update the application from the App Store and see if the problem has been resolved.
  • Clear the cache data on your device’s setting menu. Clear the cache data and free up the space to see if the error is fixed. 
  • Finally, you have to uninstall the Spotify App and reinstall it to fix the error permanently. 

People looking for the relevant fixes must check the Community Page of Spotify for more details. 


Spotify Wrapped Error is preventing users from accessing their listening history on the app. But users don’t have to panic as fixes are available, which can help them resume the function on their application to access the annual Wrapped report. People who are not aware must learn the Things to Do When Facing an Error to fix it immediately and enjoy the services.  

Are you facing the same error when accessing Wrapped? Then, please share in the comment section how you fixed it.

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