Spitzu Reviews {Sep} Is This Authentic Site Or A Scam?

This post on Spitzu Reviews will help you to understand the legitimacy of the website. Kindly read this post to know about the Spitzu shop.

Do you face problems with ingrown toenails or other toenail problems? If yes, we have a solution for you all. Spitzu shop in the United Kingdom provides toenail patches that can help you to get rid of ingrown nails. Spitzu Reviews will make you understand the legitimacy of this website and you will know all the other features of this shop.

Overview of Spitzu shop

Spitzu shop is an online store where buyers can find a good solution for their wounded toes. They are made from non-woven fabrics and have natural oil glue and ribbon design. If you have any cuts or injuries on your toenail or ingrown toenail problems, you can order a toenail patch for yourself from the Spitzu shop. Also, they have many discounts which can be availed for a certain period.

Is Spitzu Legit? We cannot provide any answer to this question unless we check all the factors of legitimacy. This can be only done after checking the registration date, reviews, trustability, and other important factors. So, we will discuss all such factors ahead. It is crucial to study every factor of legitimacy because it can save the buyers from scams and fraudulent stores. So, we will discuss every factor in this post.

Features of Spitzu shop

  • Buy the toenail patch from https://spitzu.co.uk/
  • Email Id: hello@spitzu.co.uk
  • Address info: Unavailable.
  • Phone number: Missing
  • The website claims to have one lakh satisfied customers and shared Spitzu Reviews. But, no online rating sites have shared such opinions.
  • Return Policy: The website has a return policy valid for 30 days. The products can be returned in one month.
  • Shipping Policy: Proper details on shipping policies are not mentioned. However, free tracked delivery is offered.
  • Payment Modes: Visa, Paypal, American Express

Positive Highlights

  • Free tracked delivery is available.
  • One-month money-back guarantee is available.
  • Secure payment options are provided.
  • The email address is provided.

Negative Highlights

  • The online review sites do not have any reviews. However, some ratings of satisfied customers are shown.
  • The phone number and address are missing.
  • The Facebook page does not have any valuable information.

Is Spitzu Legit?

Spitzu Shop may have many considerable positive points, features, and products. But, this does not mean that we ignore the legitimacy parameters. Such factors are more important than looking for the website’s features. So, here we will discuss the same.

  • Registration Date: March 27, 2022, is the registration date of the Spitzu shop. Thus, the website is five months old depicting that it has a short life span.
  • Expiry Date: Spitzu shop will expire on March 27, 2023. 
  • Trust Score: The domain has a weak score. It has only a two percent trust factor. Thus, the website does not pass the trustability factor.
  • Shopper’s Reaction: We have found some Spitzu Reviews and ratings on the official website. But, such reviews are not real as no online site shares such ratings.
  • Social Media: We have found a single page on Facebook. But, the page does not have any valuable information on it.
  • Registrar: TUCOWS Inc t/a TUCOWS [Tag = TUCOWS-CA]
  • Data Security: The information on this website is secured through HTTPS Protocol. It is a secure network to protect your data.
  • Misplaced Information: The website has not mentioned details of phone number and address. However, the email address is present.
  • Policy: The shop does not have any sections for shipping policy. The return policy is found.

Spitzu Reviews

The website has mentioned that they have more than one million satisfied customers. We have found a few ratings on the product, but these ratings cannot be trusted as there are no user reviews found on other online sites. This makes the user doubtful about the legitimacy of this website. Also, we have searched pages on different social media platforms. But, we have found a single page on Facebook. The page does not have any valuable information. All these factors make this website suspicious. Also, the readers can check the details on ways to get a refund ifScammed on Credit Card.

Final Thoughts

Summing up this post on Spitzu Reviews, we have learned that this website is five months old and it got a two percent trust rate. This indicates that the website is a suspicious and one should stay aware of such sellers. One should check measures for a safe website . Also, we have mentioned some important factors to check the policy on PayPal Scamming.

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