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The guide shares details about a school and how a Spingarn High School Student Murdered.

The Washington D.C police reported an incident recently where an accidental shooting occurred during assembly, taking the life of a 16-year-old school student. Soon after the news, many parents in the United States and Canada started searching for in-depth details of the incident.  

According to police reports, the incident occurred during a school assembly where a small-caliber pistol was passed around the pals. 

Adrian Precia is the victim of the incident. Continue reading to know how Spingarn High School Student Murdered.

About Spingarn High School

Spingarn High School is an educational institution situated in Columbia, and the school’s name is inspired by the renowned American teacher, Joel Elias Spingarn. The school was commenced in 1952, and it was initially focused on educating African Americans.

The high school was the last educational institution launched as the segregated school for African American students before the judgment of Board of Education Vs. Brown. The school registered a decline in enrollment, and the school was finally closed because of the murder case. 

The Spingarn High School murder case caused chaos amongst the parents, and people held the administration responsible for the murder. 

Why Did Spingarn High School Closed – Let Us Know!

No, Spingarn High School is not functional as it was closed way back after the murder case. However, there are also other reasons why the school has been abandoned. 

After the Spingarn High School Murder Case, the school registered a decline in enrolment, and because of a low number of students, the school finally decided to shut down. 

These are some of the reasons why the school is closed. 

All About the Spingarn High School Murder News

According to police reports, a 16-year-old school student was shot dead at the school assembly of Spingarn High School. People asking Why Did Spingarn High School Closed must know that the murder case is one of the reasons why it is closed. 

It was reported that a small-caliber pistol was used for the shooting. Police reported that Michael Pratt and his friends were playing the pistol during assembly.

The gun was loaded, and while playing with it, it accidentally fired a bullet that hit Adrian and took his life on the spot. At the time of the incident, he was juvenile, and it is not clear what punishment he received. Everyone held the admin and the Michael responsible for murder case.

Why The News is Trending? 

People were asking about Spingarn High School Student Murdered Case because of different reasons.  

Michael Pratt is in the news because now he is 18 years old. Similar incidents were occurring in different schools because of which the Spingarn High School Student Murder case is trending. People are searching for the news online. The people make many claims after the incident. Some people said that the murder occurred accidentally, while others said that the admin and Michael were responsible.

You may check online for more updates on why the school shut down. 


After the Spingarn High School Student Murdered, the school was in the news, and finally, it was shut down when it started getting low enrolments.    

Spingarn High School is a renowned educational institution in Columbia. Unfortunately, the school was abandoned after an incident occurred. And, many people blamed the administration and the culprit for bringing a pistol at school that accidentally took a student’s life. 

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