Spingarn High School Abandoned {March} Know The Facts!

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This news article shares information about the Spingarn High School Abandoned and dealt with the actual shooting incident.  

Do you know about a school that became the news limelight? Are you aware of Spingarn High School and why it is always in the news among the people? If you are unaware of the facts, let’s discuss this in this article. 

Have you ever seen people from the United States and Canada making vlogs about the abandoned school? Yes, you guessed it right, today in this article, we will talk about Spingarn School and discuss the conditions and reasons the school was abandoned, based on the internet’s research. 

So, let’s begin our discussion about Spingarn High School Abandoned

Where is Spingarn High School? 

Spingarn High School is situated in Columbia, and it was named after a famous American educator Joel Elias Spingarn. It was established in 1952 for the African American people. 

It is considered that it was the last school established as a segregated school for African Americans before the verdict of Brown Vs.; Board of Education. 

However, this school was closed due to a reduction in the number of enrolments, which is considered this reduction due to the school’s shooting case. The Spingarn High School Shooting led to significant chaos, and many people suspected the school administration. 

Why in the news? 

Michael Pratt, who was considered to have done manslaughter in 1980, is presently found. According to some information, the death of a 16-year-old boy Adrian Precia was sad, and many people doubted it was not accidental.

Michael Pratt was considered a person who killed Adrian, and at that time, Michael was 18 years old. No one knew what punishment he received for the murder, but we can find him recently. Therefore, he is in the news. 

What was Spingarn High School Shooting Case? 

The handgun of a small-caliber murdered a 16-year-old boy in the Spingarn school. This handgun was shot when the boy and his friends played with it during their assembly. 

It was shot accidentally, and therefore the police described it as an accidental shooting. There were many claims regarding this shooting among the people. 

Many people said it was accidental, while others also claimed that it was not an accidental shooting. But, it is the fact that the boys were playing with the gun which got shot at Adrian Precia. 

Why was the Spingarn High School Abandoned

According to some of the reports, it is considered that Spingarn High School was abandoned because there were fewer enrolments by the students. Therefore, the school has to be abandoned. 

But, looking at the history of Spingarn High School, everyone can guess what could be the prospective reasons for the school’s abandonment. 

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Final Verdict: 

Spingarn High School has always come into the debate because of its shooting incident. The shooting was considered accidental, but there was the involvement of Michael Pratt in the shooting. Because of this incident, the Spingarn High School Abandoned incident took place.

What is your view about this incident? You can share it in the comment section below. 

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