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This article describes the Spencer Elden Tattoo and the scandal caused by him recently

Have you been seeing someone called Spencer Elden in the news lately? Are you wondering about his relation with Nirvana and why he has the name of the band’s popular album tattooed on his chest? If the answer is yes, please read our whole article to learn about the whole story behind the latest controversy of the Spencer Elden Tattoo and Nirvana.

As many of you would know, Nirvana was a rock band that has been famous Worldwide for decades now. Hence, when this news came out, people were quick to cover it to get the attention of millions of fans!

Who is Spencer Elden?

Spencer Elden is a student at the Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena, California, and works as an American street artist, but not many people recognize him for his art; instead, he’s better known as the naked baby who posed in the album cover of Nirvana’s iconic album ‘Nevermind’. Are you thinking about why Spencer Elden Instagram is suddenly blowing up and why he’s trending almost 30 years after the album’s release? Let’s answer that!

What’s the controversy?

Spencer Elden has recently sued Nirvana for 2.5 million dollars! Why? Because he alleges that the band has commercially exploited him as his picture portrays indecent child content. Elden further went on to say that this picture has caused him lifelong damages, and he hasn’t come to terms with it yet. His lawyers have further claimed that Elden’s parents did not even sign a release that authorizes his photos, and they didn’t gain any compensation for using those pictures without permission.

Spencer Elden Tattoo:

Spencer Elden has a tattoo that says ‘Nevermind’ on his chest, which shows his obsession with the album. Moreover, he did many photoshoots in his adulthood, recreating the initial album cover picture, further showing that he had no issues with it. However, when the band refused to perform at his art show, he said it was very weird for him to be known as the unusual baby on the album cover, and he wasn’t even making money from it. After that, he sued the band for producing, owning, and promoting child illegal pictures knowingly, even though he had no issues with it for 30 years.

People’s statements on Spencer Elden Twitter Account:

Just like any controversy, people Worldwide have shown mixed reviews towards Elden’s actions. Some people have called him hypocritical for recreating the cover for attention even though he was ashamed of it. Some even passed comments like he is still chasing money as he was in the original picture. However, some people believe that he has the right to sue the band, his argument is valid, and he should be compensated.

Final verdict:

Let’s discuss our final thoughts about the Spencer Elden Tattoo and its related controversy. The court might declare the band guilty under the law because of indecency, but they might also drop the lawsuit because using unveiled pictures of babies not portraying any inappropriate content are not banned. Hence, the decision remains unknown.  Check out Spencer Elden’s instagram account here.  

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