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Latest News Special Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Edition

The article Special Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Edition provides information about the recent pre-order details along with new updates on characters.

Do you enjoy playing xeno metaseries games? Are you aware of the recent update regarding Xenoblade?

The publisher of Xenoblade Chronicles announced the recent release of a special edition in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada. Here is the article which discusses the Special Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Edition.

The most awaited edition

Xenoblade Chronicles is a series of action games revolving around the niche of titans and their combat play style. They have previously released many series, and now In the new Xenoblade Chronicles 3, there will be a special new character called Valdi. That character will act as a medic and healer for allies and help to boost the characters’ abilities. There will also be a new protagonist.

 The publishing team has now announced that the preorders for the special edition are available from today (June 8). Players can preorder the special edition at the “My Nintendo store”..

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Special Pre Order 

According to the Xenoblade publishing team, the preorders for the special editions of these series are now available only on the “my Nintendo store.” Still, they limited the purchase by setting a limit of 2 units per account. So as of now, advanced orders are only available to players in North America. And for UK residents, the preorders will be on sale during the last week of July. 

And there will be extra items like a 250-page art illustration book and a steel block that will be added with the purchase of a special edition, but the extra goodies are expected to be delivered a little late.

The release date

The Special Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Edition is expected to be released for the Nintendo Switch on July 29, 2022, and they haven’t released this series on PC or any other console. And this game is the next role-playing video game from Mono lith Soft and Nintendo software planning and development. 

The development team enhanced the game graphics to an extreme level and focused on many minuscule details of the characters. And Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be released for the usual 60 dollars so that players can buy the standard version for 60 dollars. However, the price of the special edition is yet to be released.

The new game plot

The Special Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Edition has become a trending topic among the players because the Xenoblade series is very popular among youngsters. According to online sources, the gameplay will be on a new continent with a new protagonist in this series. 

The protagonist is expected to be a Keves native, and his name is Noah. Noah’s character will be helping the souls of dead people reach the afterlife zone. Additionally, Noah is also a musician. From the scenes of the Xenoblade trailer, Noah is expected to fight along with five main Xeno characters like, Shulk and Pyra.


Thus, the article Special Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Edition discusses the important information. Players are eagerly waiting for the release of Xeno’s next series and its special edition. However, some players believe that the price of the special edition is too high; the last time, it was around $100, so they are expecting good value for their money in this special edition release.

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