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This guide on Spare Me Great Lord Anime Name describes an anime series developed based on a Chinese comic novel. Read allto  know about it.

Are you a binge-watcher and love to watch famous web series? Are you curious to understand the facts about your favorite anime series? This post is dedicately written for a series that is based on anime. 

This Anime named Spare Me Great Lord Anime Name has gained worldwide attention. Fans from countries like the United States are interested in finding the details. Let’s read ahead.

Details – Great Lord Novel – Spare Me

A web series based on an original comic book, Spare Me, Great Lord comes with 12 episodes. These all episodes are available on the internet, but the anime series is not currently available on streaming services. 

Lu Shu is the main character, a youthful man learning everything he can regarding himself and his world. Separately episode lasts for about 25 minutes and explores Lu Shu’s life incidents. Find out where to watch Spare Me Great Lord for free.

Spare Me Great Lord Anime Where to Watch- Let us find out!

  • Spare Me, Great Lord has been published to all significant streaming media, but it isn’t available on the local platforms. Since the series has gained favor newly, actually, the regional outlets do not carry it. There are no online streaming platforms for Tencent Penguin Pictures.
  • Some episodes appear on YouTube, though most can’t be found there. There is the possibility of seeing this web sequence on a variety of lesser-known platforms in China, but streaming is limited to a few nations.
  • As the series progresses, we also see the sister of the main personality, Lu Shu, who joins him in the story as well. In the continuation to know – Spare Me Great Lord Where to Watch the series is a playful adaptation of UI Shuohua de Zhouz’s novel.
  • In this powerful and exciting tale, Lu Shu’s journey is filled with the events, mystical obstacles, and people he encounters along the way. Along the way, the narrative becomes more enthusiastic and entertaining with the arrival of fascinating characters he meets.

Audience Ratings 

  • It is one of the most trending questions of recent times where to watch Spare Me Great Lord. This anime series has received rating as 7.63 out of 10 ratings from the fans. A total of Eight thousand fifty one individuals partook in the online ratings.
  • Spare Me Great Lord Anime Name signifies a count of 251 people on has found this series awesome, ranking it high.


A growing number of inspiration from Asian novel’s anime web-series creation is in demand. People worldwide are very keen on Anime, and there is a huge fan following. To know more, refer here.

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