Space Station Gorilla Suit (Jan) What’s The Story About?

The guide shares details of the viral video that showcases the Space Station Gorilla Suit story.  

A viral video is trending these days where an extra-worldly Ape is seen chasing astronauts in the International Space Station. It is an old video of a well-coordinated prank in ISS. According to reports, NASA Astronauts smuggled a full-size gorilla suit in 2016 in International Space Station.

The footage was recorded back in 2016, but it went viral recently where Scott Kelly was seen wearing the gorilla suit and orbiting the planet in 2016 after his brother and Scott conspired to get a full-size Space Station Gorilla Suit on their space mission.

Many people in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom browse online for more details.  

When Did the Gorilla Suit Incident Occurred?

The gorilla suit incident occurred when Scott Kelly, the International Space Station Expeditions 26, 45, and 46, was in his space mission. It was ISS mission 46 that started on 11th Dec 2015 when the incident occurred.

When the mission was about to end, the twin brother Mark Kelly shared the care package in 2016, to Gorilla Suit International Space Station.

Being the retired astronaut, he is well versed with how lonely an astronaut gets in space, and hence to add some spice, he decides to create something hilarious.

Who Was Seen Wearing the Gorilla Suit?

The viral video brought high interest in the space story. But the tweet has a wrong storyline about the gorilla suit. 

The tweet says that Mark Kelly smuggled the gorilla suit to the ISS without intimating anyone, and one day it put on the suit to make pranks of the fellow astronauts. However, sources confirmed mark’s identical brother Scott Kelly wore the suit.

How Did People React to Space Station Gorilla Suit Story?

Spence Todd posted the video on his official Twitter account. Soon after the video was published, many people started discussing and talking about the gorilla suit story. There were many tweets and comments on the discussion forums.

People are shocked how astronauts can do the prank in the International Space Station and how the gorilla suit ends on the ISS. People aware and have knowledge of the incident also confirmed that the Gorilla Suit International Space Station story is not new, as recorded in 2016.    

Some people also confirmed that the identical brother Scott Kelly committed the prank and not by Mark Kelly. The video is old, but it went viral after the filmmaker posted it on his Twitter account. 

If you are interested in reading the threads and comments, check the discussion forum online. 


A viral video is trending these days where an astronaut is seen wearing a full-size gorilla suit smuggled to the ISS back in 2016. The video on Space Station Gorilla Suit is not new, as it was recorded in 2016. But a filmmaker, Todd, published it recently, and after that, it went viral and made news amongst his fans. 

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