Sozida Reviews (Nov 2021) Is This Trustworthy Or Scam?

Read Sozida Reviews and get to know the reality of this online shopping website.

Are you into online shopping? Well, here is a website for you to refer to –

Sozida is an online United States-based shopping website selling some specific electrical gadgets and its parts. You will get products at great deals and will find what you are looking for. 

However, there are some suspicious things about it. And luckily, we will tell you all about it, including information about its legitimacy. So, continue reading Sozida Reviews and get all the information you need before you fall into this website’s trap.

What is

Sozida is a webstore dealing in various products like air purifiers, LED television, projection screens, oxygen concentrator and many more.

All the details of the products are mentioned in their description box, including their weight, dimensions, applied voltage and other essential usage instructions.

The website’s interface is average, and surprisingly, the home page consists of banners from some clothing websites.

Specifications of

Before answering the question- Is Sozida Legit? First, let us learn about the specifications of this website. You must have a look at them once:

  • Website’s URL: 
  • Domain Age: 1 month and 29 days
  • Category: some specific electrical home appliances and their accessories
  • Email address: 
  • Store/ company address: 240 Oak Villa Road, Dallas, Oregon, 97338, United States
  • Contact number: +12516516770
  • Payment methods: all Visa, Mastercard, and other credit cards and PayPal is accepted for making the payments.
  • Return Policy: Sozida Reviews would like to mention that the company follows a 30-day return policy; the products must be returned in brand new condition with all the original labels; the final details will be processed and notified within 3-6 working days.
  • Refund policy: it will take up to 48 hours for a PayPal account refund, whereas 7-14 working days for a credit card refund.
  • Shipping and delivery policy: all products are shipped within 2-3 working days after placing the order; they only deliver products in the US; the estimated delivery time is 10-22 days.
  • Social media icons presence: none

Pros of

Sozida Reviews mentions some advantages of this site:

  • HTTPS protocol is detected on this website.
  • It is not detected or mentioned by any blacklist engine.
  • Free shipping on orders over $50.
  • Various types of products are available
  • All the product details are mentioned vividly in their description box.

Cons of

  • The website has a low trust index.
  • They only ship their products in the US.
  • There are negative reviews available online.
  • The site was created very recently.
  • They have no social media appearance
  • The content is plagiarized.

Is Sozida Legit?

The most important aspect of any online shopping website is its legitimacy. Here, we are going to mention some details of that help us comment upon its legitimacy:

  • Domain Age: this website was registered on 22 July 2021, and thus, it has a domain age of 1 month and 29 days only.
  • Domain Expiry: the domain will expire on 22nd July, 2022.
  • Trust Rank: 28.8/ 100, considering entirely the Sozida Reviews
  • Alexa Rank: no Alexa rank is assigned
  • Customer Reviews: There are negative reviews available on one evaluation portal. But there are no reviews available on Trustpilot.
  • Plagiarized content: Written content along with some product photos is copied 
  • Customer policies: all the essential customer policies and terms and conditions are given
  • Address’s originality: the mentioned address is fake as other websites use it too
  • Social media connections: none
  • Owner’s information: not revealed

Sozida Reviews from the Customers 

Unfortunately, there are negative customer reviews available on the Internet for this website or its products. We have found a website’s comment section where some people talk about this website and call it suspicious. 

For example, one user commented that Sozida’s phone number is an auto insurance company in Alabama. While another user claimed that she got scammed as she never received her order.

And if you have any comments or anything you want to share, let us know in the comment section below. Also, visit here to get information on PayPal scams.

The Final Verdict

Today, Sozida Reviews was about this suspicious website You can order online and get products like air purifiers  , LED screens and more. But before you think of shopping on this webstore, do not forget to read this article and learn about this website.  

We saw that this website has plagiarized content, a low trust score and no Alexa rank. Furthermore, it was registered recently, and thus, it increases our suspicion. Hence, we do not recommend you to use this website. Also, visit here to get information on Credit Card scams.

9 thoughts on “Sozida Reviews (Nov 2021) Is This Trustworthy Or Scam?”

  1. I ordered a 32″LCD HGTV ROKU smart TV from, and almost $65. After waiting 4 weeks for delivery, the first red flag wad the package fit in my mailbox. When I opened it, it was a small child sized tank top. Now I can’t get ahold of anyone at the company.

      • Ordered a built in dishwasher on September 27, 2021.
        Payment cleared immediately, scam tracking had it coming from China for a month, last report (11-30-21) says it “arrived at the airport” as last trackable event.
        Totally a fake company!!🤬

        • Ordered a Replacement cartridge for the humidifier for $60.85 in October 2021. I also just received a child sized tank top, January 11, 2011. I have called the phone number, doesn’t exist. Emailed company requesting a refund and will report fraud to my CC company in a few days if I don’t get a response.

          • I ordered a tv from sozidas in November of last year and never received it one time got socks and promise after promise and I did ask for a return to and never got that either I think we all should teem up and take them down so they can’t steel no more money I saved all my emails if we all teem up and talk to the FBI maybe we can take them down I gave them $75.00 think of all the money they are steeling

  2. Hell my name is Shandra Autman and I order a round TV for $86.82.and they have not sent my shipment at my receipt.but they only will refund %70 of your money.but i never received.this sozida company is a scam


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