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In the given article, you will find about the Southridge Car Accident. You will also find a detailed report about this incident.

Have you heard about the tragic accident of five students and a deputy officer? This incident took place in Beaverton. This horrifying accident took place in Portland in the Western United States.

This major car crash led to the accident of five young kids and a Deputy police officer who was patrolling at that time. Two students died on the spot, and the other three are in critical condition. The officer is also critically injured in Southridge Car Accident and moved to the hospital by the rescue team. 

What was the incident? 

Last night, 27 April 2022, this incident occurred at around 12:30 AM. Five high school kids from Southridge High School were travelling in their Nissan Altima. The boys were passing through southwest Tualatin valley and Southwest Murray Boulevard. 

At Midnight boys ran off the red light and crashed into a deputy officer’s patrol car. Soon After the Accident, the Rescue Team arrived at the spot, gave all kinds of medical aid and support, and referred the critically injured people to the hospital. This Southridge Car Accident terrifies everyone in the locality. 

What does the person in charge say about this accident?

The Sheriff from Washington, Pat Garrett, came to the spot and identified the kids and Deputy Officer. Pat stated that the officer was on Patrol at his shift. The guy is Michael Trotter. Since 2015 he has been working as a full-time Patrol officer for the Washington Country Office.

Pat also identified those five kids in the Nissan car for students of Southridge High School. Two of the kids died at the spot in which one of them is 17-year-old Mathew Amaya, and another is 16-year-old Juan Pacheco Aguilera. 

Additional information on Southridge Car Accident.

Two of the boys from the Nissan car died at the crash spot, while the remaining 3 students were critically injured and referred to the hospital by the Tualatin Valley Rescue Team. The other three boys had some critical damage. There is a hope of recovery, but it may take a long time.

The Deputy Officer was also critically injured by the impact of the car. He had some major injuries. The hospital staff says that the damage is very dangerous, but there is slight hope of recovery; he is in a stable condition recovering from the Southridge Car Accident. The car accident was so fatal that they are lucky to be safe. We gave you all the information you are looking for regarding the car crash.


On 27 April, at midnight, 5 students of Southridge High School crashed into the deputy’s car. Two of the boys died on the spot, and the remaining 3 were in the hospital now. Deputy is also critically injured and referred to the hospital.

What do you think of the death of two young boys? Comment your thoughts about the Southridge Car Accident, you can read local news. 

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