Solitaire Wordle {March 2022} Know Gaming Details Here!

This article is specifically penned down to enable the people to understand and know more about Solitaire Wordle.  

It is unnecessary nowadays to ask whether you’re acquainted with Wordle or not. But, have you heard about the French version of Wordle, which is becoming controversial Worldwide? If not, don’t worry, as we are here to help you out. 

It is widely known as the Solitaire Wordle nowadays. It accepts words according to scribble laws, plurals, and conjugated verbs. There are so many relevant queries regarding this. Like how it works, how it’s different from Wordle, etc. 

If you are also curious to know more, continue reading this article-

All About the Solitaire Version-

Solitaire is a French variation of Wordle where a performer is asked to guess the word in 6 endeavours. It accepts phrases according to scratch decrees with abundant and joined participles. 

After every session, the colour of the words alters to imply how near your explanation is to the phrase of the day. 

Solitaire Game Details-

The idea of Solitaire came into the mind of an inventor who desired to play wordle in the French language. He was not so good at English and even used to watch English movies with French subtitles. He had compiled some French phrase records to compose a policy. 

Then, he decided to help those who were so into French. He composed the edition in vanilla JS. And on prime of that, he appeared with a tremendous phrase “LeMOT”. WORD-Le = Le-WORD = Le-MOT.

How to Play Solitaire Wordle

There are some simple steps to follow if you’re interested in playing this game:-

  • One will get six tries to reckon a phrase. After considering words, you obtain clues that provide data regarding the words.
  • The exact words are implied in the green colour. And, the terms that seem at a varied locale are demonstrated in bright colour. And, those words that don’t occur in the phrase are reflected in grey.
  • In this edition, one can reckon expressions ranging from four to eleven terms.
  • Additionally, you can select the degrees of complications in the Solitaire Game. These are ordinary, tough, and ultra-tough.

Why is this Trending? 

Solitaire is a French manifestation of Wordle, which is fun for French speakers. The designers are continuously working on this version to make it successful. They are planning to add dark mode and a button to share the results. 

He even added the website to test the French vernacular on the same link. This entire plan is to encourage French orators. He’s planning to make the game more desirable and encourage people to keep playing and strive for a tremendous winning stripe.


Solitaire Wordle is one of the variations of the Wordle puzzle game. It is an online riddle game to encourage French-speaking and rhetoricians. It is exclusively designed for the people who loved Wordle at once but couldn’t play as they don’t know English much.

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