Soleenay Reviews {Jan 2022} Is It A Legitimate Website?

This website review only provides unbiased facts about Soleenay Reviews, and it also tried to investigate the legitimacy of this website.

Searching for a website to buy undergarments for ladies? Commonly, we all want undergarments of the best quality. Does this website provide good quality items? While you are searching for good quality undergarments, you find this article. Am I correct? In this case, we can assure you that you are at the right place. 

In this article, we will provide you with all the details about this website and provide you with a genuine review. People who live in the United States of America are now searching for genuine Soleenay Reviews before buying anything from this website.

What is Soleenay?

Soleenay is also a type of online-based e-commerce website. Their main operation is to sell various types of stylish undergarments for divas. Those undergarments are Active leggings, High neck shapewear bodysuits, Bombshell comfort bra, Control shapewear, Latex compression bra, and many other products. 

The price of their product is also affordable, according to the website. They also maintain the quality of the product they are selling. They also provide worldwide shipping services within a limited day. 

To attract a huge customer base, they started to provide huge offers on their products. Still, a question comes to our mind: Is Soleenay Legit? 

Websites detailed specification:

  1. Domain creation date: This website was created on 9th October in 2021. The domain age of this website is also less than six months. Its proper age is about 2 months 10 days.
  2. URL Link:
  3. Website type: It is an online-based e-commerce website that mainly sells attractive types of ladies’ garments.
  4. Official email ID:
  5. Office address: FCOM LLC2105 Vista Oeste Nw Ste E, 1289, Albuquerque NM 87120 United States
  6. Official number: +2014648997
  7. Social media handle: Facebook, Instagram.
  8. Shipping policy: Yes, it is available.
  9. Return policy of this website; Yes, it is available.
  10. Payment addresses: Yes, available.
  11. HTTP Protocol: Yes, available.

Soleenay Reviews PROS and CONS section:


  • Important information about their product is available in detail. Those details are every type of policy that includes, Shipping policy, Return Policy and other details about this website.
  • Their products look attractive, and they are also selling them at affordable prices.
  • Using the Interface of this website is very easy.


  • No, warranty services are available on their product description part.
  • They also share valuable information about customers with other service providers.
  • Information on this website is hard to understand, and their policies are too. They might provide more in detail.

Is Soleenay Legit?

  • We found the domain of this website is new, and its age is only about 2 months 10 days. The life of this website’s domain has a short expectancy. This factor also raises doubts in customers’ minds. 
  • The Trust score of this website is also very poor. It is about 2 percent, which means 2 out of 100.
  • All the policies have been mentioned on this website.
  • All information is available on the website, from contact number to email id.
  • Yes, HTTP Certification is available on this website. That doesn’t mean your website is fully secure. 
  • No, customers provided any Soleenay Reviews on their product. This is one of the most important parts of trusting.
  • Customer service documents available. This will help any customers if they face any problem, they can report them directly.
  • Though they provide small descriptions about their policy, that’s why this has become complex.
  • We found they have a social media presence. But they only have two profiles, one is Facebook, and another is Instagram. If you tap on their Facebook icon, it will show the page is broken. That means those icons are for show. 
  • They also have various payment modes like PayPal and Visa, and others.

Soleenay Reviews

According to our research, we have found that no customer has not provided a single review about their product and the experience that they gain from this website. No, the popular website review organization has not posted a single review about them. The social media page is still broken, and no one can find this website on social media. 

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Final Verdict:

According to our research we came to know that this website might be a scam. Soleenay Reviews article has provided all the details so, we might suggest buyers look for another alternative website, those who provide these types of requirements. This will be the best idea for customers searching for these website reviews. 

Do you also get attracted to these kinds of offers? Would you like to share the websites you prefer most for your online shopping with us?

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2 thoughts on “Soleenay Reviews {Jan 2022} Is It A Legitimate Website?”

  1. I ordered from Soleenay they took my money still haven’t had a reply to confirm my order yet having now done a bit more research it is looking more and more like a scam I have email them and PayPal should this turn out to be genuine I will revoke this and update the review

    • Hello Darren Eccleston, Thanks for the information. No other reviews about the portal are found yet. If you feel much doubtful, go directly for a refund. Reach with your payment company, however, you paid it. Please feel free to drop your review. Thanks. Take care.


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