Sofi Banking Reviews- Do You Have Savings Account Here? Know The Bank Reviews!

In this guide, we talked about Sofi Banking Reviews. We will hope you will find the reviews helpful before investment.

Is banking reliable with banks like Sofi? The bank is a secure place to keep all our savings and hard-earned money. There are so many banks in the world that help us in keeping our money in digital form. Different countries have different rules and regulations for working. For example, banks in India and the United States will work differently. Today we will talk about Sofi Banking Reviews and their authenticity. 

Summary of Sofi Bank

Sofi Bank is a small Bank founded in 2022 in San Francisco. Social Technologies, Inc. regulates the bank. Different banking options are available, such as savings accounts, retirement, checking, debit, and credit cards. One can lend, finance, or insure any amount through banking. The bank also has an app that can be installed on the smartphone, and there is no need for a physical presence at the office. You can easily open a Sofi Bank Account if you have a US taxpayer identification. 

  • Primary accounts you can open: savings, current, retirement, checking, and current can also be joined, Sofi Money and Sofi Invest, among others.
  • Are there multi-currency facilities: No, the bank issues amounts in US dollars. 
  • Is there deposit insurance: yes, customers can deposit up to $250,000 and $500,000 for joint accounts
  • Does the bank offers saving options: Yes, one can open a savings account that also includes a retirement account
  • Additional features of the bank: Sofi offers direct deposit, insurance, and salary on the card, among other features. 

Sofi Bank launched its first product in February: Sofi checkings and savings accounts. This feature replaces the company’s sole product, the Sofi Money Cash Management account. This Sofi Bank Review will discuss whether it is a good bank for a Sofi Savings Account. 

Account Basics of Sofi Bank

This bank allows you to open two types of current and savings accounts. Users don’t have the facility to open a single account. The bank has more than 55,000 fee-free ATMs that allow customers to withdraw their money anytime. With the checking account, you get to avail of the debit card with no extra paperwork. 

By opening a savings and current account, users can get up to 2.5% API on all the balance accounts, regardless of whether they are an individual or joint venture. As per the Sofi Bank Reviews, the bank allows you to withdraw your paycheck within two days before the scheduled time. 

As an online bank, there are many facilities for you to keep a check on your savings and other banking details. Sofi Bank’s official app is available on iOS and Android versions. Apart from happy reviews, the bank has no other global branch. You cannot open a savings or current account separately and can’t connect to proper customer care.


In this guide, we talked about Sofi Banking Reviews, This bank can be an excellent option for people who don’t want to open two different accounts but only one joint account venture. The bank also offers a decent amount of interest on your direct deposit. But, overall, you also get some negative points with many good points. One such thing is you have to pay some fees for the deposit. Did you like the bank one account policy? Comment below.

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