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Have you obtained the ways to buy event tickets from Soawfestival com? Then, kindly get updated information about the festival by reading this article.

Are you interested to know the authentic hints about an upcoming event? Then, make sure to study this composition keenly. 

Events or celebrations help us know and interact with individuals and thus play a vital role in maintaining society’s equilibrium. In addition, events are usually planned performances created to enjoy or observe a particular day.

However, recently in the United States, a women-centred event will occur, and thus people are curious to determine its facts. So, let us dig into its official website, Soawfestival com, to know more. 

About The Event 

The resources revealed that the celebration was launched by Pepsi and Mary Jane Blige, a singer and an artist, collaborating with Live Nation Urban. In addition, this celebration plans to support the domestic music association and the upcoming performers. Moreover, it will concentrate mainly on music, technology, health, fashion niches to create awareness in society. 

Also, the event is linking up with female entrepreneurs and dealers to display the abilities and importance of women. Now, we will talk about the portal to understand more about the festival.

Illustrating Soawfestival com

Upon visiting the portal, we noticed that several well-known celebrities, including Chaka Khan, Kiana Lede, City Girls, etc., will perform during the festival. In addition, our findings revealed that the event would initiate from 6th May 2022 till 8th May 2022, implying that it will be a three-day celebration. So, let us describe the performance with dates in the following passage. 

Plotting Of Shows 

By going through the underneath table, you will learn about the performances that will take place during the event. So, kindly be attentive throughout the article on Soawfestival com to learn more. 

Date Venue  Performers 
6th May 2022 Buckhead Theater

Tabernacle Atlanta

Ms. Pat, Rubi Rose, etc.,
7th May, 2022 The Gathering Spot ATL

State Farm Arena 

Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige, etc. 
8th May, 2022 City Winery Le’Andria Johnson, Kierra Sheard-Kelly, etc.

Detailed Ticket Information

You can purchase the presale tickets now by visiting the official site because it is in the auction from 8th March 2022, 10 am ET onwards. However, the public sale opens from 10th March 2022, 10 am ET onwards. Fortunately, the presale code ‘SOAW’ is given on Soawfestival com.  

The seat cost depends on its location, availability, etc., on different shows, and you can visit the website and choose accordingly. 

How To Book A Seat?

  • You can book your slot now by accessing the website. 
  • Then, you have to choose the event.
  • After that, the website will direct you to the LiveNation or Ticketmaster portal. 
  • Finally, confirm the seat after looking at all the details. 

What Are Netizens Reactions?

The online users are excited to enjoy the event. In addition, some netizens are asking questions regarding the function. 


The post on Soawfestival com assembled the crucial details about the upcoming party. Moreover, the presale tickets are available now over the official website, whereas the usual sale will start from 10th March 2022. So, if you are fond of such events, you may secure your ticket accordingly. 

What is your opinion on this event? Kindly give us your suggestion below. 

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