Snopes New Profile Pic App {May} Check Facts Here!

The guide shares details about Snopes New Profile Pic App fact checks to help users make the right decision.  

Do you use the new profile changing application New Profile Pic App? If you use the application, the post is for you. New Profile Pic App is a mobile application that claims to beautify and change your social media profile picture effortlessly. 

The application has many users in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. But, some claims and posts consider the application a scam. So, to make things clear for the users, has come forth with a Snopes New Profile Pic App report.

About and Reports for New Profile Pic App! is an online website for fact checks. The website conducts in-depth research and analysis to check the facts and figures of different portals and applications. It is a fact-checking service that validates rumors and misconceptions and claims to clear things for users. 

So, after the popularity of the profile picture changing application, New Profile Pic, many rumors, misconceptions, and claims were made by the users. So, takes pride in checking the legitimacy and truth behind these claims. The website’s reports clarified that all claims made were untrue and without evidence.

What is the Snopes Fact Check for New Profile Pic App?

Soon after the application became popular amongst the global masses, rumors and misconceptions started circulating. Looking at the increasing trend of the application and related claims, analyzed the truth and facts. According to the website’s report, here are some worth mentioning facts. 

  • The claims that the New Profile Pic App is enveloping are not true. 
  • The app asks for permission like other mainstream applications.
  • There are many claims that the application steals data, which are evidence-less. 
  • There are other applications with similar names. As per Snopes Profile Pic App fact check, it is not associated with the original application.    
  • The application is developed by a company located in the British Virgin Islands, and it uses developers from across the world, including Russia.
  • The claims that the application steals money after getting it on the device are unsubstantiated as there is no evidence to support the claim. 

These are some of the fact-checks done by 

Is New Profile Pic App Legit and Safe?

Before you get the application on your device, you must know what Snopes New Profile Pic App fact check says. After the fact checks on, we have found some important details. 

  • There is no evidence to support the misconceptions and claims made by different users.
  • The application is not from a new company as it is backed and developed by Informe Laboratories Inc and Linerock Investments Ltd has its copyrights. The developer already has two functional applications with over 150M installations. 
  • The App’s spokesperson said that the app doesn’t store users’ data and is safe to use. 


Hopefully, you know now what Snopes New Profile Pic App fact check says. Renowned developer with two more applications backs the application. There is no evidence to support the claims made by users. However, you must stay alert and take the necessary precautions while using the application. Read the Fact Checks before using them.  

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