Snkrtown Reviews {Aug 2022} Is It Legitimate Website?

Snkrtown Online Website Reviews

The article Snkrtown Reviews describe the sneakers website and its legitimacy test results, as well as the positive and negative highlights.

Are you the person who loves to wear quirky sneakers? Do you know that our outward appearance tells others a story; it reflects our daily thoughts? So, it is necessary to select an appropriate dress and sneakers. 

Nowadays, people are searching for a unique collection of sneakers. One website based on United States provides the most attractive sneakers, so here in this article, we will discuss the website and its Snkrtown Reviews.

Details about the website

The snkr town website was founded by Jenny in the year 2020. They believe that everyday streetwear or sneakers hold many stories to convey. So they put a lot of effort into designing each pair of sneakers to match the customers’ lifestyles. And all their collections are unique in nature. 

The Sneaker Town products are,

  • Doggie-themed classic shoes
  • Butterfly-designed floral sneakers for women.
  • Vulcanized doggie paw autumn sneakers.
  • Vintage bookshelf-themed sneakers
  • Roasters, a dragonfly, a human skull, keyboards, and cute puppy-themed shoes
  • Colorful mermaid-themed vulcanized women’s sneakers


Is Snkrtown Legit? We have observed the website’s specifications to find the answer to this question. And it is always essential to consider this factor while purchasing online.

  • Customers can buy at:
  • Email address:
  • Address information: they have provided two addresses. 1)  15117 main street, mill creek, WA 98012, U.S .2) 2425 Alhambra Ave, LA, CA 90031, United States.
  • Telephone number: they do not provide the contact number details.
  • Social media activity: we can see accounts in the name of “snkrtown,” but those accounts are not associated with this website, which shows that they are inactive on social media.
  • Content originality : 100%
  • Snkrtown Reviews: customer reviews are absent.
  • Privacy policy: they have explained the details about the collection of data and ways of storing it safely and discussed the customer rights. 
  • Shipping Policy: the shipping charges depend on the customer’s location, and they deliver the products to the UK, USA, France, and Germany. It will take approximately 8 to 23 days, depending on the geographical location.
  • Return policy: People must contact customer service officials within seven days of receiving the product. They will analyze the customer complaints.
  • Refund policy: the eligible returned products will get their refunds.
  • Payment options: PayPal, card facility available 

Snkrtown Reviews are unavailable on the website, or anywhere on the internet, so we need to perform the essential tests to know its true face.

Positive highlights

  • Unique and colorful sneaker collections look like customized shoes for each person.
  • You have provided a detailed product description.
  • They haven’t announced any unrealistic discount offers.

Negative highlights

  • The website layout is not user-friendly.
  • Their Sneakers are costlier than branded shoes.
  • They haven’t provided any concessions on shipping charges, even though they sell the shoes at a very high cost.

Legitimacy assessment

Is Snkrtown Legit, technological determinants of the website is one of the indicators that reflect the legit nature of the website. So let us find out that.

  • Domain age: the snkrtown domain creation date was 15 th April 2022. The age of the domain is four months 
  • Domain expiry date: the unknown domain expiration date is 15 th April 2023. Short domain life.
  • Registrar’s name: it is registered from the name of 
  • Trust score of the website: very low score, 1%
  • Data safety: the proper HTTPS -protocol is present, although we couldn’t ensure complete data safety with this indicator alone 
  • Snkrtown Reviews: customer reviews are unavailable.
  • SEO score of the website : 67
  • The global Alexa ranking : 3971634
  • Plagiarism score: 0%
  • Missing information: company name, contact number.

Summary of the Snkrtown reviews

We couldn’t find any real customer reviews or ratings on their website. Furthermore, each product has the same 1279 reviews with 4.5 ratings, which we could not see because the link is not working and there is no separate section on the website for entering customer reviews. It seems like they have displayed some mere numbers in their reviews. So this website doesn’t seem like a legit one. Readers can check out the Credit Card Scam article.


Thus, the article Snkrtown Reviews provided a detailed explanation of the website, but it do not appear to be a legit one because it has a trust score of just 1 % and they have faked the customer reviews and their ratings. 

They didn’t even have a separate section to enter customer feedback. Customers must therefore be more cautious in the future when purchasing in online shopping. Readers can also read about the PayPal scam in the article. For more information.

Do you find this article useful? Let us know about your favorite sneaker brands in the comment section.

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