Smooth Groomer Reviews (March 2022) Is This Legit Website?

Are you questing for genuine Smooth Groomer Reviews? Then, continue reading this post to get the authentic answers to your question for the site here.

Do you love your pets, especially dogs? Then you should study this post to recognize a website’s reality. 

Most of us have dogs as our best friends, to which we share our feelings, etc. In addition, Worldwide, dogs are popular as the most loyal companion, not only to the owner but to the whole family also. Then, it would help if you took care of your pets by washing them with innovative gadgets. 

So, through the Smooth Groomer Reviews, we will calculate a portal selling pet pampering products. 


Very few items are registered on this website, such as Pet Hair Remover, Fur Brush, and Hair Remover Pads. Moreover, the website’s mission is to reduce the brushing time of dogs since other brushes take more time. 

However, they have mentioned that their brushes extract dirt from the deeper skin coat, thus removing dandruff completely. Also, it helps to keep the pet’s healthy skin safe and soft through advanced brushes. Let us now identify some of the website’s crucial features. 

Stating Some Portal’s Details To Check Is Smooth Groomer Legit

  • For payments, various methods are suggested, including PayPal, ApplePay and VISA, etc. 
  • For returns, you will have to speak to them within 30 days. 
  • The site’s URL is
  • After inspection, they will pay you the amount back on certain days. 
  • There is no indication of the store’s address. 
  • Through the newsletter option, you can get the website’s newest updates. 
  • Only damaged products are subjected to exchange. 
  • The mailing address is 
  • We haven’t found the social icons. 
  • Pets cleaning products, including brushes, pads are listed.  
  • The Smooth Groomer Reviews highlighted that the shipping time taken is 5-15 days within Australia. 
  • No phone number is cited on
  • The delivery policy is unavailable.
  • The site was created 1 month, 24 days ago, as its registration date was 22-11-2021. 
  • The processing time for orders can take 1-4 days. 

Perks Seen Over The Site 

  • The email address is found.
  • The consumer’s reaction is detected.
  • A newsletter facility is present. 
  • Concession up to 50% is provided. 

What Are Its Pitfalls?

  • The signs of the delivery policy are missing; helping us display Is Smooth Groomer Legit
  • The trust rank is poor, i.e., 5.5/100.
  • No phone number and office address are provided.
  • Only 1%, a low trust score is gathered. 

Is Smooth Groomer A Scam?

  • Holder’s Information- The absence of the founder’s name is seen. 
  • Trust Score- The value is deficient. 
  • Social Connections- On, the icons are lacking. However, we found the Facebook page during research. 
  • Policies Seen- The site possesses all policy information, but the delivery policy is not given. 
  • Site’s Age- age is 1 month, 24 days; 22-11-2021.
  • Trust Rank- A low value (5.5/100) is cited. 
  • Client’s View- According to Smooth Groomer Reviews, on Trustpilot, no comments are present. But, the website has provided consumer reviews. Besides, we have found its Facebook page with blended opinions. 
  • Alexa Rank- 2195607 Alexa rank is noticed. 
  • Portal’s Expiration Date- 22-11-2022 is the site’s suspension date. 
  • Duplicity found- The website’s content is duplicated on other sites. 
  • Location’s Reality- No address is cited for investigating its authenticity. 

Shopper’s Feedback 

This paragraph will analyze the genuine customers’ reactions to determine its worthiness. Moreover, we have got unreliable reviews on But, by extracting its Facebook page externally, we have seen various mixed Smooth Groomer Reviews. A Facebook user quoted that despite ordering the item on 21st December 2021, it was not delivered and thus asked when it would be supplied. 

In the reply, another user mentioned that the parcel was delivered on 13th January 2022 when ordered on 31st December 2021. Also, some buyers have written the issues in delivery and raised several questions. 

But a few consumers have stated that the item looks good and soothing. As per our opinion, we suggest you research the portal thoroughly before using it. Visit here to find about credit card scams


This writing on Smooth Groomer Reviews implied that the portal serves pet care products. Moreover, the site produces skeptical behavior as the social icon, contact number, and office address are missing.

Besides, the website has gained mixed reviews on Facebook page, where people have appreciated the product’s look and raised questions. So, investigate this portal from your end to prevent scamming. Have the PayPal scams tricked you? Then learn refunding methods here.  

Is the portal duplicate? Kindly submit your views below. 

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