Smithgregory com Scam {April} Read Its Legitimacy Here!

This article discusses the legitimacy of the Smithgregory com Scam, which has become a concern for affected users.

Have you encountered any scams or fraud emails or websites while surfing the internet? Although the internet has wide applications and various advantages, it’s also full of scams and hackers lurking in corners seeking an opportunity to fool users. A similar scheme has become a topic of concern for users as they’re interested in knowing if it’s legitimate. The query Smithgregory com Scam has become trendy as a result.

Users in the United States are most affected by this viral message. Keep reading this article to obtain more information about this scheme and its legitimacy.

What is Smithgregory com? 

The term refers to a service website with the same name, Smith Gregory & Associates. The service helps their customers explore several payment options and help them settle their outstanding debt. In addition, the service guides the consumer through each step after looking extensively at their issues and problems.

Details about Smithgregory com Scam

Recently users are getting calls from a person from Smith Gregory who claims to be a debt collector. Users in the United States are curious if these are legitimate or fraud schemes. Let’s look at more details below.

  • Users get a call or a voicemail from this person informing them about an outstanding debt.
  • The message claims that the person on the receiving end of the call had moved recently in the past few years and didn’t convey the same information to the concerned authorities.
  • The caller asks the users to set up a monthly payment for this debt.
  • Smithgregory com Scam is trending as users are curious to know whether these calls are authentic.
  • They also ask users to go to their Smith Gregory website.

Is Smithgregory a scam?

Let’s look at details about the legitimacy of the calls and the related website below.

  • Several evaluation platforms suggest that the Smithgregory website may not be safe.
  • The publication details of the website are pretty fishy, and there’s no physical proof mentioned on the website that any such service exists.
  • These calls are also likely not legitimate, and queries about the Smithgregory com Scam are trust score of the website is only 1%.
  • The creation date is 30th March 2022, website is just 5 days old.
  • Users should avoid sharing personal or sensitive details without confirming if these calls are legitimate. These calls are likely scams and not legitimate. We’ll request you to look more into it from your end.

Final Thoughts                   

Smith Gregory is a debt collection services website gaining traction as users are getting calls from people claiming to be from this service informing them about an outstanding debt. Users are interested in knowing whether Smithgregory com Scam queries are legitimate, and we have mentioned this information above. 

Read more about this scam here.  

Have you also received any similar calls? Kindly share your thoughts on the legitimacy of these calls and this service in the comments. 

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48 thoughts on “Smithgregory com Scam {April} Read Its Legitimacy Here!”

  1. Just got a call and they want you to go to some website to pay or pay on the phone, yet they do not mention the debt, just that you have one.

  2. They left me a message to go to their website which I did they asked for my cell phone where I got contacted. A collection came up from an account that was included in my bankruptcy 8 years ago. This is fraud!

  3. Just received a voicemail telling me to return call or go to the website and set up payments. Also said I had moved recently and didn’t inform the original client. Said his name was Chris Williams.

  4. I also just received the call called them back after listening to the message. Stopped before going on the website because it sounded fishy and the guys monotone voice weirded me out. Can’t talk to a real person

  5. Looks like their domain was only created on 3/30/2022. Sounds like a scam. I also got a vm with no mention of my name and false information that “address change” triggered an old debt clock to restart.

  6. Just go a call from them. They told me I had a debt and that I didn’t update my address. But funny thing is. They never gave a name as to who they were calling for. I figure if it was my debt they would have had my name. I guess they can eat grass.

  7. I have gotten those calls and what you wrote about their approach and the script goes exactly as you wrote in this article, it’s all a scam.

  8. I’ve received 2 calls from them saying the same thing. I KNOW that I don’t have an outstanding account anywhere with anyone. I have saved the voivemails.

  9. They call and say I owe them but don’t say who they’re collecting for. Their website doesn’t say who they’re collecting from or how much

  10. They’ve called my phone twice. Claimed I moved without notifying debtor. Claimed the debt under a name I haven’t carried in years. I just told them they’re full of poop.

  11. Yes got a call from lady from Ashley said to go to website to pay a bill that my address has been updated to reflect that i have a outstanding debt. No phone number just a website. To set up payment.

  12. I’d also like to point out that they neither mention a name nor did they leave a number to call back, as all companies should. On top of that, one of the voicemails that I received sounded an awful lot like someone rooting through some stuff on their desk and left a message as someone completely different with the playback device a bit too far from the mic.

  13. I had a voicemail saying they were informed of a recent address change, and want to resolve this
    I have lived in the same place for almost 8 years and I have nothing in collections.

  14. Received a call said I had moved, etc I owed a debt but did not say to whom on voice mail. Was told to go to the website

  15. Just got a call from them they give no name of the company you are in debt to and no mention of who the debt is against

  16. Just received same call, which stated that a recent change of address is faulted for their inability to reach me before now. I’ve lived at the same address for 17 years. More important, I have no unpaid debts. Definitely a scam.

  17. If they are debt collectors, they have your phone number and address. So why lie about not having the correct address? Also, if you call the number back, they give you the opportunity to remove your number from their list. I don’t trust them at all. I’ve also heard they are using old names from divorces, like from more than 15 years ago. You can’t collect a debt that old anyway. It’s a scam .

  18. I got 2 calls from the scammers telling me I moved and didn’t notify the debtor and wants to make payments arrangements. I keep a very close eye on my credit reports and I know I have no outstanding credit in collections. Figured it was a scam

  19. Just got a call but right before they called me another spam number called and hung up immediately so I did not pick up. The voicemail said I have an outstanding debt and I recently moved and did not report it and to go to their website which is how I ended up here and surprise! Scammers!

  20. I also received a message from them asking me to go to to view payment and or settlement options. However, it does not mention an account number or anything to reference once you get on the website.

  21. I received the same message from them. I looked up who owned the site as it looked fishy. They had purchased 3/30/22. I knew out the gate the call was a scam but did a little research. Now this morning I got a call but telling me to go to to pay. At the top of the site page it actually has the name of the other site from the previous call. That made me laugh really! The purchase date of this site 3/30/22


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