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The following post on Smith Machine Squat Death Video Reddit will inform the readers about the Woman who died in the Smith Machine.

God has planned everything for us. From our birth to death, he has written everything, and nobody can change it even if we want. A woman also lost her life in the gymnasium where she went to stay fit. People are searching for Smith Machine Squat Death Video Reddit and this video is getting viral in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

To get all the information about this video, this article will help you. So, kindly read this post to know about the whole incident. 

Brief on the accident

Have you gone through a video viral on social media where a woman was lifting heavy weights in Smith Machine? If you have not seen the video yet, we must briefly tell you. The lady died on the spot as the weights were too heavy for her to lift. To know the complete story, please read the details shared ahead.

Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Video

A short clip of one and a half minutes was getting viral on many social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit website, and many more. In that video, a woman was seen doing squats in Smith Machine. She did it in weighty weights that her body could not bear to lift the weight. It is very heart-wrenching to hear such incidents. She was a young mother and might be doing workouts for ages. But, the day might not be in her favor, and she lost her life on the spot. She lifted 405 pounds, which was too heavy.

Smith Machine Squat Death Video Reddit 

The video got viral on March 12, 2022. It got viral on the Reddit website. It crossed a million views within a few days. People were shocked to witness such a harsh incident. As per the reports, this incident happened in late February. However, this incident got captured in a CCTV camera of the gym, and ultimately, the video got recorded and got viral all over the globe. 

How did it happen?

A woman was lifting 405 pounds in a Smith Machine. When she tried to lift the weight, her body could not bear such heavyweight. The barbell fell on her, and she fell down. According to Smith Machine Squat Death Video Reddit, two men were seen trying to escape her. They tried to remove the barbells from the machine. However, it was too late as the lady was dead. Nobody can even imagine this incident of a Mexican lady. She is no more in this world.


Summing up, we advise our readers to be careful while working out. The lady had gone due to her carelessness. Her life would have been saved if she hadn’t lifted weights beyond her capabilities. Please go through this link to know about the Woman who died in Smith Machine.

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