Smileclearance Reviews (Sep) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

Are you searching for Smileclearance Reviews? Read the content and know if the store is offering safe deals for the customers or not. Hurry up.

Are you fond of riding electronic bikes? Would you love to shop it from the e-commerce store offering an exclusive collection of items for the customers? Then here comes our today’s content sharing the details of Smileclearance. 

The people all over the Worldwide love to use such environment-friendly vehicles. Though sale offers make such items cheaper, it raises the question on its legitimacy. So, it’s beneficial to explore the details before purchasing.

Let’s capture the Smileclearance Reviews and check its trustworthiness.

What is Smileclearance?

It is an e-shopping site dealing with smart electronic bikes of different brands. The company has shared the featured collection in various colours and ranges for the customers. 

Moreover, moving with the latest technologies, the store has a shared e-paper watch that can customize your apps, flashes all the details and events on the stylish watch face and has many more fantastic features. 

The newest collection available on the webpage is made to meet the needs of the 21st century. But would it be safe to buy? Is Smileclearance Legit? Well, we can answer the question by researching more about the web store.

Specifications of Smileclearance

  • URL –
  • Type of the site – the portal sells electric bikes and other essentials
  • Mailing address –
  • Payment method – PayPal only
  • Cost of shipping – the company takes no charges on orders above $59
  • Time of shipping – 6 -10 business days
  • Delivery time – 3 to 5 business days
  • Return policy – orders can be returned within 30 days
  • Order exchanging – it can be done within one to two weeks without any extra charges of the replacement
  • Refund policy –available
  • Smileclearance Reviews– unavailable
  • Social media presence – no profile of the store is available
  • Domain creation date – 25/6/2021
  • Domain expiration date – 25/6/2022

Pros of Smileclearance

  • The store has shared the latest collection of electronic bikes.
  • It uses a safe and secure connection.

Cons of Smileclearance

  • The domain of the store is too new to be trusted.
  • The mail address available on the main page does not contain the domain name.
  • The social media icons are not present.
  • The store offers a single payment method. So, it would be not easy to purchase the items.
  • The website has low popularity.

Is Smileclearance Legit?

It’s time to evaluate the portal from all aspects and check if the products offered by the company are reliable or not.

  • The domain of the store was registered on 25th June 2021. The services are only available for the short -term.
  • The trust rank of the store is 3.4, which indicates that the portal has many flaws.
  • Alexa has given a zero rank to the web store because of few visitors and low traffic.
  • The physical address is not available. However, the address of returning the items is shared that too is suspicious.
  • The Smileclearance Reviews are not put down by the buyers online.
  • The domain name is, while the website name is LifePower. The legit portals don’t use different names for representation.
  • The email address given by the company is dubious, and no other medium to contact are available.
  • The heavy discounts on the items make the price unrealistic.
  • The store accepts payments through PayPal only.
  • The details of the shipping and delivery are not explained well.
  • Social media pages are unavailable.

All these points prove that the site is highly suspicious.

What are Smileclearance Reviews?

The site is not too old; as a result, no buyer has shared their opinions online. Moreover, the zero ranks of the store indicate that customers are not interested in the store’s collection. Finally, thoughebikes positively impact health and the environment, the inappropriate contact details and other red flags resist the buyers’ shop.

However, most people are still unknown of the existence of this e-commerce site because of no Facebook or Instagram profile. If you have shop any item, then learn How to get money back after an online credit-card scam? 


Putting an end to the article, we presented Smileclearance Reviews with you and analyzed that it is unsafe to shop items from the store because of the drawbacks that it holds. In case your order is pending, we recommend you learn What To Do If Order Not Delivered? – Get the Information!

What are your views about the store’s collection? Comment and share with us.

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  1. I ordered 2 different generators ,also an electric moto cross bike and a55 in,t,v hoping to receive these shortly, then I would endorse this site ,but if no one calls me within 24 hrs,I would cancel these purchases


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