Smerq Reviews {July} Is This Website Legit Or A Scam?

Smerq Online Website Reviews

Have you retrieved the unbiased Smerq Reviews strings? To assemble more information about, please tour this article religiously. 

Do you want sofa sets and electronic devices? Are you eagerly waiting to learn the in-depth results of Scamming cases are increasing these days since many fraudsters have now opted for the new method of cheating by alluring buyers through websites. 

Furthermore, in parts of Australia, such cases are primarily seen. So, in this post, we will deliver strings connected to, including Smerq Reviews, to alert you. 

About This Web Store

While exploring, we discovered that lacks an ‘About Us’ section, which might hamper its business. However, this website provided products like sofa sets, access points, etc. Also, we observed that the items are auctioned at low prices to attract more buyers. 

But, before considering any portal, you must investigate it thoroughly over Internet sources. Similarly, we surveyed the portal and detected a few crucial details to provide an unbiased review. So, in the passage below, we will highlight some essential information assembled from this online shop. Thus, we suggest you pay attention throughout this survey.

Indicating Critical Specifications To Detect Is Smerq Legit?

  • The site’s official accession link is
  • If the website approves your refund, they will automatically transfer the amount within ten days to your account. 
  • We investigated and found as the email address. 
  • The website sells items like USB ports and sofa sets. 
  • They might stretch the delivery time upto two weeks for International orders. 
  • Our survey retrieved the address is 55 FLINDERS RD, WOOLOOWARE NSW 2230, Australia
  • The research showed that social icons are absent. 
  • The buyer can avail of the free-shipping facility over a $55 purchase. 
  • We discovered the payment modes accepted are ShopPay, AfterPay, etc. 
  • The Smerq Reviews survey fetched that 14-06-2022 is the portal’s establishment date and is only one month and one day old. 
  • According to their exchange policy, the shopper can buy another product after returning the previously-purchased items. 
  • +61480048206 is the telephone number grabbed during the investigation.
  • The purchaser must apply for a return within 30 days. 
  • We observed the newsletter option from this site. 

Pros Discovered

  • We found the phone number and email address. 
  • The survey detected the address details.
  • Our investigation found the newsletter option.

Shortcomings Within This Portal 

  • We detected no social network icons during the research and thus, exhibited doubts like Is Smerq Legit?
  • We gained no reviews from Trustpilot.
  • The investigation determined some negative Google reviews linked to this site.

Is Smerq Trustworthy?

  • Trust Score– We rescued an undesirable value of 2%. 
  • Buyers’ Reviews– The survey detected no reviews over Trustpilot. But, our examination noticed some negative Google reviews. 
  • Discounts Reliability– During the research, we determined that the listed products are at a budget-friendly price, but it might be bait to trick online shoppers. 
  • Trust Rank– A 48.7/100 value is collected for this parameter. 
  • Website Registration Date– We investigated that is one month old, implying its establishment date is 14-06-2022. 
  • Bulk Buying Facility– The Smerq Reviews examination found that this facility is available. 
  • Alexa Rank– Our research displayed an 8751861 value.  
  • Domain Suspension Date– 14-06-2023 is the expiry date of 
  • Policies– The examination highlighted the duplicated policy information presence. 
  • Address Details– We surveyed that the address is legit, and the business is available by the same name as the website. 
  • Social Media Connections– The icons are missing on this web portal, raising several questions for the buyers. 
  • Founder’s Information– The survey hasn’t disclosed any owner name associated with the portal. 

Let’s move toward the following passage to evaluate the buyers’ comments.

Genuine Shoppers’ Smerq Reviews

Our inspection failed to accumulate any reviews from Trustpilot. But, we found some pessimistic reviews about this online shop on Google. For example, recently, a user wrote that it is a scam website and warned to not prefer this portal for purchasing goods. Also, a few customers have evaluated that this portal is a fraud. 

Furthermore, another buyer said that the buyer received no reply upon contacting them. Thus, the portal received only 1 star out of 5 ratings from Google. Grab essential hints on PayPal tricks here. 

The Final Words

Today, we discussed genuine Smerq Reviews and recognized that the portal is questionable. Thus, we recommend you wait for the arrival of more comments to decide more precisely. Survey here about credit card scams.  Visit here to collect information on access points.

Do you have any comments? Please state your query below. 

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