Slung Definition {May} Explained With Wordle Answer!

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Do players have fun with the wordle puzzles daily in it? Did you try to guess the wordle #327? Did you find clues and hints to guess the Wordle correctly? Did you search related to that Wordle? While searching, did you find any information about it? If not, without any worries, look at the below article.

People in different countries like the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia and the United Kingdom are solving the puzzles and trying to get the clues and details of Slung Definition.

Solve Wordle #327 and get its definition.

The Definition for the SLUNG is nothing but “Having (something) hanging loosely in a particular position after being suspended or arranged, especially with a strap or straps.”

Below are a few hints and tips used to predict Wordle. The hints are

  • The Wordle starts with S.
  • The word has only one vowel in it.
  • A casual act of tossing or flinging something represents the Wordle of the day.

Above provided are the few ideas mentioned to help the players find the day’s word and feel enthusiastic. 

Slung Wordle

The answer to the puzzle is obtained by using the above hints is “SLUNG“. Here are the hints to guess the wordle #328. They are

  • The word begins with the letter “T”.
  • The Lat letter of the word is “Y”.
  • The Wordle contains one vowel in it.
  • The main hint is the meaning of the word is slightly drunk.

The master clue is helpful for the players to find the solution for the wordle #328, and at last, the word is “TIPSY”. More details regarding how to play the puzzle and solve it fast are provided in the Slung Definition.

Steps to play Wordle

Below are the few steps to be followed while playing the wordle game. They are

  • One can access Wordle at the below-provided link.
  • The word of the day is guessed six times.
  • Wordle lets players manually enter five-letter words through the keyboard by clicking on the ‘Enter’ key.
  • The tiles ‘ colours will change as soon as the words are submitted.
  • Players are rewarded with a green tile when they’ve positioned the letter correctly.
  • Yellow tiles indicate the wrong letter is picked, but the wrong place is chosen.

Tips and tricks for Wordle in Slung Definition

  • Try not to guess the same letter more than once.
  • Your first guess should include some vowels, especially ‘E’ and ‘A’.
  • It would be best to avoid letters including ‘Q’, ‘X’ and ‘Z’ to understand the answer better.


By going through the online sources, the wordle #327 hints are provided in the article through which the players guess the Wordle within the limited attempts and wait for the other Wordle. You can try game online to get more details 

Did you feel the hints above are enough to guess Wordle? If not, share your feedback in the below provided comment box on Slung Definition.

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