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Read Skyquad Drone Scam to learn about fake drones in the market. Also, check about offering an Exclusive Offer 60% Discount.

Are you looking to buy SkyQuad Drone in the United States? Did you know that offers to Get up to 60% OFF on its SkyQuad Drone? Are you looking for using a drone to assist you in navigation while on an adventure in the hills? 

Did you know that there are many replicas of the SkyQuad Drone in the market claiming to be a military-grade drones? Let’s read about drones offered by below to avoid Skyquad Drone Scam.

What Is the SkyQuad Drone?

Skyquad drone was originally patented and manufactured to be supplied to the US military. Such a drone was manufactured only by one company as it supported many features for military operations. 

Military-grade skyquad drone had GPS navigation to return to its operator on loose signals, and while on low battery, it was untraceable and had capabilities to carry arms and ammunition to bombard enemy targets. It also featured a gimbal camera and auto-pilot mode.

In December 2021, the patent expired, and many companies started manufacturing skyquad drones. Different companies sold fake versions of drones specifying similar features of a military-grade drone giving rise to the Skyquad Drone Scam. is selling SkyQuad Drone by specifying TRUE features of the drone, unlike any other website that is involved in MANIPULATING its specifications to get more sales.

SkyQuad Drone is used for capturing High-Definition pictures from long distances. It assists you while you are hiking. You can get an HD eagle-eye view of the surrounding area while you are on an adventure in the wild. 

You may not be looking for a military-grade drone as it is illegal as per The Federal Aviation Administration(FAA). And if you want to get a genuine SkyQuad Drone with a Satisfaction Guarantee to assist you in outdoor activities, then SkyQuad Drone offered at is the authentic one!

SkyQuad Drone’s target customers:

  • targets customers who would like to capture action shorts. 
  • For customers who require assistance in viewing hard-to-reach areas and surveillance of surrounding areas in the wild.
  • It is made for customers who want to take Pro HD pictures to capture creative and innovative images.
  • For people who want to use the drone as a relaxing hobby, training, and fun.

Benefits of Using SkyQuad Drone:

  • SkyQuad Drone comes with a high-utility backpack
  • SkyQuad Drone has high precision, maneuvering ability, and 3D flip
  • offers 30-Days Return Money Back Guarantee due to the high quality of durable material used in SkyQuad Drone
  • SkyQuad Drone is simple to fly, easy to control, making it perfect for training

Specifications of SkyQuad Drone:

  • Product name: SkyQuad Drone.
  • Buy at:
  • Brand: SkyQuad Drone.
  • Foldable: Yes.
  • Lightweight: Yes.
  • HD Camera: 1080P.
  • Gravity Sensors: Yes.
  • Slo-mo mode: Yes.
  • Speed: 30 miles/hr.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Smartphone.
  • Skill levels: All.
  • One key return: Yes.
  • Durability: High.
  • Flip function: 3D.
  • Battery: 500mHA.


  • Save 60% on Pro Pilot Pack for $297.00 (free shipping).
  • Save 34% on Beginner Pack for $106.95+shipping and handling fee.
  • Save 56% on Aviator Pack for $197.00 (free shipping). So, HURRY as Limited Stock Available!
  • Extended Protection Plan: $29.95(optional). Provides free replacement for the next 365 days.

How Exactly Does SkyQuad Drone Work?

  • SkyQuad Drone draws power from a 3.7V battery.
  • Its gravity sensors avoid collisions by automatically changing the flying course.
  • SkyQuad Drone can fly at a top speed of 30 miles/hr.

How to use SkyQuad Drone?

  1. Install mobile app by scanning QR code from instruction manual.
  2. Switch on the SkyQuad Drone.
  3. Connect your SkyQuad Drone with your smartphone via Wi-Fi.
  4. Switch on the SkyQuad Drone remote control.
  5. Use the navigation keys on SkyQuad Drone remote control to fly.
  6. Press one key return to allow SkyQuad Drone to reach you easily.

What about Skyquad Drone Scam, and How is SkyQuad Drone better?

Many companies made drones manipulate 480P – 720P and lower camera versions as HD. The original SkyQuad Drone company is proud to be an American-owned company. Similarly, the GPS feature is not present in many drones. Other drones are lighter as they come with a low-powered battery and are made out of plastic material.

A few other drones come with a gimbal camera that must be adjusted manually and before the flight. Such drones have a top speed of only 24 to 27 miles/hr. 

As you now know, many companies are manufacturing replicas of SkyQuad Drone, do not fall for Skyquad Drone Scam by purchasing drones from any other websites. Many such websites feature a drone that is not even worth spending $50. 

What are people saying about SkyQuad Drone?

Drone Training Pros provided feedback that SkyQuad Drone is very powerful. Drone Pilot Ground School mentioned that SkyQuad Drone helped record HD videos and documentaries in half the time. 

AceHe mentioned that SkyQuad Drone is available with essential features found in high-end drones. Customer reviews are awaited on the internet as featured SkyQuad Drone recently on its website.

More than seventeen product reviews on are all positive and rated 5-stars. Customers appreciated the Satisfaction Guarantee due to SkyQuad Drone’s stability, speed, and precision.

Where to Buy SkyQuad Drone?

You can purchase SkyQuad Drone at for a 60% discounted price.


1Q. What does offer the additional benefits?

Ans. offers free shipping on two packages and a replacement plan at a low cost.

2Q. What are the payment options at

Ans. gives comprehensive payment options including Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal in US$.

3Q. How much is the Shipping fee for Beginner Pack?

Ans. A nominal $7.95 S&H fee is only for the Beginner Pack.


Many replicas of SkyQuad Drone have come up in the market giving rise to Skyquad Drone Scam. Do not get lured by fake claims and specifications of other websites offering ZERO value for money. offers SkyQuad Drone with high-tech features, heavy discounts, genuine HD camera, top speed, etc., making it competent with costly high-end drones.

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