Siwiewo Reviews (Aug) A Scam or Legit Site? Know Here!

Siwiewo Reviews (Aug) A Scam or Legit Site? Know Here! >> The post mentions every detail related to the new website that has claimed to have a big accountable and Walmart’s stock products.

Are you curious to know what you will find on the Siwiewo website that might be what you have been looking for? Keep on reading to learn more.

Siwiewo is a site that deals in home furnishing and decor in the United States that claims to provide you with comfortable yet trendy and stylish lounging options. The Siwiewo Reviews have done all that research for you down below, and know whether it is safe to shop or not. 

What is Siwiewo?

Siwiewo is a newly launched website in the United States. You will find all kinds of comfortable yet trendy home decor and home furnishings that might act as a charmer to your own home. They claim to provide you with a comfortable online shopping experience in the comfort of your own houses.

All good on this website are Walmart’s clearance stock products as mentioned on the site, such as:

  • Massage Chairs
  • Patio Gazebo
  • Recliner
  • Sofa
  • Swing set

Before you start filling the cart and proceed to checkout, you must see Siwiewo Reviews to know if it’s fraud or not.

Characteristics Of Siwiewo

  • The official website is
  • Siwiewo is a web portal that deals in all homely recreational appliances like a Massage chairs, recliners etc.
  • Email:
  • Contact:08219129531828
  • PayPal, credit/debit cards secure payment.
  • Foreign shipping fees are different if the currency is anything other than USD.
  • There is no company address.

Shipping Policy:

  • Processing takes 1-14 business days
  • Shipping in 10-20 days
  • Delivery time: mentioned at the time of checkout (4-6 weeks approx).
  • No social media presence; therefore, Is Siwiewo Legit remains a question.

Return Policy:

  • Return: within 30 days.
  • Refund: within several days after recovery.

Benefits of shopping at Siwiewo website

  • It is HTTPS secured.
  • There is a return/refund policy.
  • Contact details are not mentioned.
  • The site has customer’s testimonials.
  • It has offers on products.
  • They have Covid 19 Features available in delivering all products and items.
  • They provide store locators too instead of covid 19 restrictions.

Drawbacks of shopping at Siwiewo website

  • No address present.
  • Trust Score:2% score, hence, a terrible score.
  • The review seems sketchy because all reviews are five stars.

Is Siwiewo Legit?

This site is 29 days old and was created on 13-07-2021. It is a very recent site, and so it is difficult to trust the site.

  • The website has no official social media presence.
  • It is found that the Design structure of the content is confusing and disorganized.
  • The trust score is 2%, which is a very low score.
  • The owner’s information is absent from the site besides an email.
  • There are offers present here but not mentioned on a verified certificate.
  • There is no office address.
  • Reviews on other search engines are not positive at all.

After all the scrutiny, it can be said that this site is suspicious. Thus, shopping from this site is your own responsibility.

Siwiewo Reviews

All products of this site have been viewed, and some have customer testimonials, too, yet they don’t seem authentic because the site is only 29 days old with absolutely no social media presence. This is one reason for suspicion over this site. Their authenticity is sketchy since their trust score is at a low percent.

So, we request our readers thoroughly check the website before placing your order, and if you are trapped in a credit card scam, this link will help you.  

Wrapping It up

Our research on Siwiewo Reviews concludes that the site should not be trusted since their information seems suspicious and not authentic. Any vouches the quality of the product as being top-notch, which in itself is unbelievable.

The site seems pretty new, which hardly means you can trust the site. Plus, there is no social media presence and yet has some customer reviews, which is misleading.

We hope you have got all the information you are looking for. So, stay away from the scammers. Check how you can spot the scam website and enjoy the safe shopping.   

Have you ever bought from this site? Do you have any questions for us regarding Siwiewo Reviews ? Drop your queries in the given comment box.  in a paypal scam, this link will help you

4 thoughts on “Siwiewo Reviews (Aug) A Scam or Legit Site? Know Here!”

  1. This website is a scam. I have placed an order and in 2 days i received a response with tracking info. I was happy seeing the tracking number. But after a week i saw the order was delivered but i dint receive any package. I called fedex and found that shipping address and name doesnt match on that order. I have realized its fraud. Please dont buy anything on this website.

  2. Confirming this website is a scam. Placed an order for piece of furniture, fedex tracking that was provided was for 1lbs, contacted seller- no respond. Order was delivered per FedEx tracking in the same state where I am, but different city and different zipcode. Contacted seller- no respond. Openned the case with PayPal. PayPal denied case due to tracking being provided and delivered. Appealed the case with PayPal, it took a good portion of time to communicate situation to PayPal via phone and resolution center, but eventually case was accepted.


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