Sinnoh Pokedex 114 {Nov} Read Its Gaming Stats, Location

Gaming TIps Sinnoh Pokedex 114

This article describes a widely popular Pokémon character and the unique features and attacking options valid for the gamers. Read on Sinnoh Pokedex 114.

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Anime gaming fans and enthusiasts from the United States, France, and various other parts of the globe are excited to know about the virally discussed gaming character. The appearance of this gaming character also has a significant role in its popularity. Understand all about Sinnoh Pokedex 114.

About Sinnoh Pokédex

The Pokémon developers introduced Sinnoh Pokédex in its fourth generation of the Pokémon series that contains 151 characters in its Diamond and Pearl edition. There were 210 gaming characters on the Platinum edition.

There was also a particular category of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that consisted of 151 Pokémon characters. This special edition was initiated by introducing the character Turtwig and ended with another character, Manaphy. These gaming characters received massive acceptance from the online gaming community, encouraging developers to create new Pokémon generations with new exciting characters.

Sinnoh Pokedex 114

  • 114th Sinnoh Pokedex comes under the fourth generation of the popular Pokémon series.
  • The 114th Sinnoh Pokedex character is named Unown. The character is designed with one big eye, two legs, one arm, and one ear.
  • Unown was designed and created by Ken Sugimori on 1st October 2012.
  • The peculiarity of Unown is that it doesn’t have any single voice actor to represent its voice. Multiple voice artists provide voice to Unown.  
  • Unown has a total of twenty-eight different forms. Each one has a resemblance to the original version.

Gaming Stats of Unown

  • According to the official gaming data, Sinnoh Pokedex 114 has 48 HP.
  • The attacking point is 72.
  • The defense point is 48, which is less compared to other Pokémon characters.
  • Unown has a special attacking point of 72.
  • The special defense point is also 48.
  • The speed of Unown is limited to 48 points.
  • Considering all the points mentioned above, Unown has 336 points in total.

 Locations of Unown

  • In Crystal, Gold, and Silver versions, Unown is found inside the area of Ruins of Alph.
  • In the Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire versions, Unown is located in the Trade area. Read on Sinnoh Pokedex 114.
  • In LeafGreen and FireRed versions, it is found inside the Tanoby Chambers.
  • In Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl versions, it is found at Solaceon Ruins.
  • Trade also provides an inhabitants place for Unown in X and Y, Black and White versions.
  • Sun & Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon versions also facilitate Unown’s presence. This area is known as Transfer.   


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