Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go {Jan 2022} Rules & New Features

This news is a complete insight into the excellent opportunity used in traditional form by the Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go users.

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The legendary battle of Pokemon Go characters fought out among the users is a new thread for creating collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Users from Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States majorly participate.

Our experts below have also specified certain details regarding the Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go.

About Sinnoh Cup Pokemon

Pokemon Go, released in 2016, has bought certain apps and features for battle in the game itself. Sinnoh is the fourth map of Pokemon go, and has a more difficult task to perform, which certain characters of the Pokemon can only perform.

Ultimately, a battle is given out worldwide with allowance to particular characters and gamers. With the correct feature and Nintendo switch, users can perform the Asian activity on the map and upgrade their characters to certain inse as and reward the company for Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go participation.

New Features

  • New categories of 109 pokemons are introduced in Springfield.
  • With the help of a franchise in the 6th generation eliminating HMS is an easy task.
  • The underground task allows users to get some currencies and amazing chit pops for the pokemons.
  • The global treats station is situated and the center of the map
  • The user has the difficulty level switch to run up and above as per his consigns.
  • In the Great League, only pokemons under 1500 CP can enter.
  • The Sinnoh Cup and Great League will start running from January 10 Monday by 1 GMT.

Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go

Presenting the Japanese region in the Pokemon map, the character with blade features has topped the gym list of Pokemon. However, the fourth region, Sinnoh, has settled up only for Nintendo and DS games, which provide stages like a diamond, pearl, and platinum.

The brilliant diamond character shines on the tu game legends known as Arceus. In Asian times it was known as Hisui.

Battle Updates

Starting the battle from January 11 Tuesday by 2:30 a.m. with Indian time of 5:30 it would end by Tuesday, January 25 at 2:30 a.m. with Indian standard time GMT of 5:30.

Rules for Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go entry

For the Sinnoh Cup, Pokémon must have above 1500 CP to enter.

Pokémon with new Pokédex with the category list of numbers #387 to #493 will only be allowed who specifically represent the Sinnoh region.


In conclusion, our experts state that this news covers the date and group details about the latest trending fight  on the battlefields of Pokémon Go with the limited entry of 1500 CP. The online event had made users thrilled with all the entry proclaims. 

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