Simon Leviev Daughter {March} Read To Know If He Has Any?

Do you want to know about Simon Leviev Daughter? This post shares every detail on Simon’s character and his personality, along with his current status.

Do you want to know about Simon Leviev? Are you interested to know how many children Simon has? Well, whatever your query regarding Simon Leviev, you will find in this article. So, read this post till the end and know everything you should know about. 

Due to the release of a real-crime story, Simon Leviev has become a popular personality among the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada people. Let us know about Simon Leviev Daughter

About Real-crime Story on Netflix

Nowadays, Netflix has been getting huge attention since the release of the real-crime documentary “The Tinder Swindler.” The viewers are watching this show eagerly and giving their lots of support. The story is about dating sites and how it has ruined the lives of three young women by stealing millions of dollars from them. So, now people are interested to know- how many children does Simon have? 

So, to find the true answer, we have researched and turned back in the story. Finally, we came to know there is no daughter. 

Simon Leviev Daughter– Does he have?

No, Simon Leviev does not have a daughter. In the documentary, it is clear that he has no daughter. Moreover, Fjellhoy confessed emotional feelings when Hayut asked him about her child, and he proved as a good human being and father. Further, it came to know the daughter and Hayut’s baby mama were fabricated to trick Fjellhoy.

Despite that, in the real story, Simon Leviev is the true businessman and called the diamond king with nine children. One of his children is the president of the Leviev group of the USA. 

Now, you got to know the truth behind Simon Leviev Daughter

Who is Simon Leviev?

Simon Leviev is the false character of Shimon Hayut. This character has no connection with the real Leviev family. He is famous for tricking women on dating apps like tinder, and he stole money from women by impressing them. He promised women that he would repay them quickly for keeping his generosity. Unfortunately, it has not happened. In addition, he had an invalid passport, and finally, he was convicted of theft and forgery.

So, now you must be wondering where he is? Let’s know!

Where is Simon now? 

Besides, Simon Leviev Daughter people are very interested to know where Simon is right now. So, with the counts of forgery and theft cases, this man was penalized to 15 months imprisonment. But later, he was freed after five months due to his good conduct with people. Now he is free and living in Israel with all his luxury, enjoying trips, owning racer cars and private jets by using the false name “Simon Leviev” 

The Bottom Line

With the above discussion, we learned that Simon Leviev is a false character who is using the name of Shimon Hayut. He was a scammer who cheated girls for the sake of money. Despite the truth of Simon Leviev Daughterhe has no daughter. 

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