Simm Associates Scam {Sep 2022} Read Entire Details!

This article provides information about the debt-collecting website and highlights the points related to the Simm Associates Scam and its truth.

Does your experience with Simm Associates make you doubt the legitimacy of the company? Do you want to know whether the website is good for the employees and customers or not? In the United States, the users of Simm Associates aren’t happy with their services, leading to various things.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the Simm Associates Scam and tell the readers whether the website and the company are legitimate or not. So, let’s find out. 

About Simm Associates

The Simm Associates INC. is a collection agency that has been in business since 1999 and is located in Newark, DE, The United States. In easy terms, Simm Associates is a debt collection agency that collects the debt as per your credit score. 

The company purchased the debt from the original creditors like the Credit Card Company or Loan Company. The Simm Associates purchased the debt on 1/10th of the amount, meaning they paid currencies on the dollar. 

Is Simm Associates Scam real?

We need to look at the website’s information and detail to know its legitimacy score to know the answer. So, let’s look at it before coming to any conclusion.

  • The website’s domain age is 23 years, 4 months and 28 days old. It was first established on 12/04/1999, and the expiration date is 12/04/2024.
  • The trust score is 76 % which is a good score that gives confidence to the readers about the website. 
  • The company’s address is mentioned on the internet, which is situated in the US, along with the phone number and operational hours. 
  • People think Simm Associates Scam because of the negative reviews we will discuss later in the article, so stick around. 
  • Most of the content on the website is plagiarized. 
  • The Alexa Rank of the website is 2978007 globally. 

The website is legitimate and has been in the business for a longer time serving people. However, let’s learn about the reviews and see why people are frustrated with the company’s services.

What is the people’s opinion on Simm Associates?

If we look at the reviews of the customers who have taken the service from Simm Associates, then you will think that Simm Associates Scam is real. The reviews are filled with negative comments where the customers expressed their inappropriate experiences. 

As per the reviews, the company’s services are rude and don’t give the proper answer to any queries. The experience is unprofessional and non-responsive which makes the website suspicious and that’s why many users are avoiding the website and start using another website for the same services. 

Therefore, the customer’s opinion is not good, and the website takes care of its reputation and business.


Ultimately, it’s high time for Simm Associates to take a step and improve their services so that the Simm Associates Scam doubt can be removed from the customer’s mind. It would be best to look at the company’s flaws and get them fixed properly. 

Have you taken the service of Simm Please share your views with us.

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