Silver Dragon Pet Sim X (Jan 2022) How It Can Be Obtained?

The guide shares details about the new pet Silver Dragon Pet Sim X, to update the players.

Pet Simulator X is a popular online game, also called PSX by many gamers. It is the third iteration or repetition of the Pet Simulator series, and the gameplay involves collecting gems and coins to upgrade the pets and unlock exclusive pets in the game. 

The most popular mythical pet in the game is the Silver Dragon, and it is obtainable from the eggs of many gifts. The game has several exclusive pets that players can unlock. Players in the United States and the Philippines are attracted to this new pet.    

However, we are here to discuss the Silver Dragon Pet Sim X.

What is Silver Dragon in Pet Simulator X?

Silver Dragon is the in-game pet available to unlock in the popular virtual game Pet Simulator X or PSX. Silver Dragon is the mythical pet in the game that is available when you sufficient amount of Gold Coin in your account. 

The dragon is hatched or obtained in the game via eggs of many gifts and the Christmas Tree Eggs. Players who have reached level 15b can start hatching the pet in the game. There are other two levels where the pet can be unlocked, i.e., Rainbow Level 106b and Golden Level 46b. 

When Will be Silver Dragon Pet Sim X Withdrawn?

As per the official page, the pet will be withdrawn from hatching after the Christmas Event 2021. Silver Dragon is one of the four exclusive mythical that can be hatched from the two different eggs. The other exclusive pets are Ghoul Horse, Silver Stag, and Santa Paws. 

There is only a 0.00963% chance of hatching the pet from the eggs and a 0.000484% chance of hatching the pet from the Christmas Tree Egg. Regardless of the success rate of hatching the pet, players attempt to hatch Silver Dragon Pet Sim X before it is withdrawn. 

What is Egg of Many Gifts?

Egg of Many Gifts is the egg in the game’s map, and it is situated in the Christmas World in the PSX game. It is best known for hatching Silver Dragon. However, players have to hatch the egg using 1.25M game’s resources. 

If you hatch the eggs for many gifts, you will get the chance to hatch the silver dragon in the game before it gets withdrawn after Christmas Event. 

So, to get Silver Dragon Pet Sim X, you first need to hatch the Egg of Many Gifts from the Christmas World in PSX Game.  


Pet Simulator X is a virtual game where players have to hatch pets and unlock them while upgrading them using in-game resources. The game is easy to play, and players love hatching different pets on the platform. 

However, there is a new pet attracting the attention of many players, and it is Silver Dragon Pet Sim X. This pet is only hatched from the egg of many gifts located in the Christmas World. If you are also interested, you have to hatch it before the Christmas Event as it will be withdrawn after that.

How much Silver Dragon do you have in the game? Please, share it in the comment section.

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