Sigmagic Brush Cleaner Review (Feb) Is This Legit Item?

The guide shares details about makeup brush shampoo and Sigmagic Brush Cleaner Review to help consumers make the right purchasing decision.

Are you frustrated with the sticky makeup residue on your makeup brush? Do you want to efficiently remove the toughest pigments and liquid foundation stains from your makeup brush? Then, you must try the innovative makeup brush cleaner, Sigmagic Brush Cleaner.

Sigmagic Brush Cleaner is a brush shampoo formulated with natural substances, and it claims to clean the makeup brush while preventing growths from makeup residues for up to two weeks of usage. 

Professional makeup artists and individuals in the United States are attracted to this innovative cleaner, and others are still looking for an unbiased Sigmagic Brush Cleaner Review.   

What is Sigmagic Brush Cleaner?

Sigmagic Brush Cleaner is the makeup brush cleaning shampoo designed to dissolve the makeup residues in the makeup brush to give a brightening look. It effectively removes sticky liquid foundation stains and the toughest stains on bristles without leaving it oily. 

The shampoo uses powerful substances that clean the bristles and prevent organic growth due to residues. The Sigmagic Brush Cleaner is hypoallergenic and free from harmful substances.    

The shampoo is easy to use and makes your makeup brush new by removing all makeup residues from the bristle. Continue reading the Sigmagic Brush Cleaner Review for more details. 

Specifications of The Product

  • Product Type – Makeup Brush Cleaning Shampoo 
  • Dimension – 0.71×0.71×4.69 inches
  • Weight – 7.36 Ounces, and the item weight is 0.46ounce. 
  • Manufacturer – Sigma Beauty
  • First Available Date – 23rd Feb 2017
  • Function – Dissolves makeup build-up, dirt, and oil from makeup brush bristles.
  • Ingredients – Water, Coconut Oil, Palm Fruit, Potassium Hydroxide
  • How to Use – Prepare a mix of water and Sigmagic Brush Cleaner and sweep the brush back and forth continuously and rinse it under water until you see clear water   

Pros of Sigmagic Brush Cleaner

  • As per the Sigmagic Brush Cleaner Review, it is effective in dissolving makeup residues, oil, and dirt
  • Natural and vegan ingredients
  • Dissolves liquid foundation stains and toughest pigments
  • Prevents organic growth of residue on makeup brush 
  • Free from sulfates, phthalates, and fragrance
  • Easy to use and quickly washes the makeup brushes   

Cons of Sigmagic Brush Cleaner 

  • The quantity of the item is very less
  • Need more than one bottle to clean the toughest stains and pigments  

Is Sigmagic Brush Cleaner Legit or Scam?

Judging the product’s legitimacy is important before investing your money in it. So, we evaluated Sigmagic Brush Cleaner online and found some crucial factors. Hopefully, these factors will help you make the right purchasing decision. 

  • The Sigmagic Brush Cleaner Review says the product is highly effective and offers the best results. Many consumers have shared favorable reviews about Sigmagic Brush Cleaner. 
  • The product is available on multiple eCommerce websites. It is available for sale in many reputed online stores.
  • The product has been available for sale since 2017, and it has been serving many consumers worldwide, including the United States.
  • The product’s seller also has a good trust score of 96%. It has secured an Alexa Ranking of #58 218. The seller’s domain is more than 14 years old. 

Based on these findings, we can’t consider the product a scam. It has been in existence since 2017 and serves worldwide consumers; it can’t be a scam.   

Sigmagic Brush Cleaner Review – What Customers Are Quoting?

The product has been praised by many consumers, with the highest star rating of 4.6-Star. The product has not failed to impress the consumers with its quality and performance. So, people shared positive feedback, testimonials, and comments. 

The seller’s website also has multiple feedback and reviews from consumers. Besides, Sigmagic Brush Cleaner has also garnered positive reviews on other online stores. Consumers shared positive reviews and said the product effectively cleans makeup brushes and is easy to use. 

But, consumers must analyze each Sigmagic Brush Cleaner Review before making the purchasing decision. It will help understand the product’s worth. Consumers must always read the reviews to know the product’s legitimacy. Besides, consumers must keep many other pointers in mind when evaluating a Product’s Legitimacy.


Sigmagic Brush Cleaner is the brush cleaning shampoo designed for people struggling with tough pigments, makeup residues, and liquid foundation stains on their makeup brushes. The product is very easy to use and offers effective cleaning results.    

As per the Sigmagic Brush Cleaner Review, the product effectively cleans makeup residues and prevents organic growth due to residues. 

Are you using the product to clean your makeup brushes? Please, share your experiences in the comment section with others. 

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