Shoplooksky Reviews {March} Is It A Legit Seller Or Not?

Shoplooksky Online Website Reviews

This research on Shoplooksky Reviews will help the readers know Shoplooksky’s pros, cons, features, products, and legitimacy details.

Are you looking for any trusted online Website to shop for beautiful dresses? If you are one of them, please visit Shoplooksky shops in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. People visit his shop, but they want detailed information on Shoplooksky Reviews. So, here we have come up to review the Shoplooksky shop. 

If you want to decide if you can shop from here, you must read this post before checking out. So, let us begin.

Brief of Shoplooksky shop

Shoplooksky shop is an online retailer website where you can choose clothing items, add them to your cart and checkout. These three steps you have to follow, and you will receive your parcel at your home. It is very convenient to shop from this website. They have unique collections of:

  • Criss Cross velvet dress
  • Corsets
  • T-shirts
  • Pants, jeans, trousers
  • Blouses, camisoles, tank tops, etc.
  • Drawstring dresses

Is Shoplooksky Legit? Before you check out from this shop, you should take five minutes and go through our post. It is imperative as it can save you from scams. Such fraudulent websites can fool you if you do not go through these details. This information is gathered from relevant sources to guide our readers on the reliability of the website. So, we request all our readers to give your five minutes to this post. 

Features of Shoplooksky shop

  • Purchase velvet dresses from
  • Email address:
  • The retailer did not share any information on the company’s address and phone number. 
  • Our research team found mixed Shoplooksky Reviews on the online review sites. However, the official website did not have any reviews from the customers.
  • Shipping Policy: the website takes 6-9 business days to deliver in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK.
  • Return Policy: The shoppers can apply for a return within fourteen days through email id. 
  • Payment options: PayPal, Amex, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Visa.

Positive Highlights

  • Free shipping on $39.9 above orders.
  • The email address of Shoplooksky is found.

Negative Highlights

  • Accounts on social media do not have any relevant reviews.
  • Reviews are not found on the official page.
  • Shoplooksky’s phone number and location are missing.

Is Shoplooksky Legit?

Shoplooksky shop is an online shop that can lead your style more efficiently. But, the buyers must keep some crucial details in their mind while they shop from unpopular websites. You should check their legitimacy before you proceed to make payment.

  • Website Registration: August 30, 2021, is the date of the creation of the Shoplooksky shop. This shows us that this website is seven months old. It has a short life span.
  • Registrar: Shoplooksky shop is registered under, LLC
  • Trust Rate: Shoplooksky’s trust rate is one percent. It is a tacky trust score, and the buyers should not consider it.
  • Shopper’s Reaction: Some mixed Shoplooksky Reviews and ratings were found on some online review sites. But, we couldn’t find similar ratings on their official website.
  • Social media account: Accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., were found. But there were no relevant details like reviews that could be found. 
  • Data Safety: This website has HTTPS protocol to transfer the details that customers share safely. 
  • Privacy Policy: We found appropriately mentioned policies like return, refund, shipping, privacy, etc.
  • Missing Information: The retailer hides Shoplooksky’s phone number, location details, and the owner’s name. However, the email address is seen on the layout.
  • Alexa Rank: The Website was ranked in a substandard position on Alexa.

Shoplooksky Reviews

The retailer has mentioned the email address. However, the phone number, location details, and the owner’s name is not disclosed. The website does not have any customer reviews on the collection. However, some mixed reviews were seen on some online review sites. Many pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etcwere found. Instagram has several followers, but no reviews were collected from all the social platforms. We do not recommend this website.

The Shoplooksky shop was also poorly ranked on Alexa. The customers can check details on Credit Card Scams via this post on Shoplooksky’s legitimacy.

Final Summary

Based on Shoplooksky Reviews, we found that this webshop is seven months old. It has a poor life expectancy. Moreover, its trust rate is inconsiderate. We cannot recommend you to shop from this store. Please visit this link to know more details on Women’s Trousers.  

Would you like to suggest your thoughts on the lawfulness of the Shoplooksky shop? Please comment down your views.

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