Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go (Jan) A Fire Rock-Type Pokémon

The post talks about Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go and elaborates more on it for the readers and players.

Are you a fan of Pokémon Go? The game has been winning the hearts of players across the globe and the United States for years now. Besides, the game keeps updating newer features and introducing newer collections adding the fun and excitement of the entire game.

As per the latest sources, the game is all set to introduce its new addition of a new shiny collection, and in this article, we bring you a detailed insight about Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go. So, stay tuned to the article to know more.

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is an online AR mobile game that was introduced in the year 2016 in the United States. The Niantic published it by collaborating with the Pokémon Company and Nintendo for Android and iOS devices.

The game, since its inception, has been continuously adding on newer features and additions that only level up the excitement more. As per sources, Mountains of Power which is supposed to be live on Pokémon Go, will bring a new list of features and bonuses.

In the coming sections, we elaborate on Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go. So, read the entire article to know more in detail.

What is the new addition?

The new addition is the debit of new shiny. Gamers who are well acquainted with the gameplay would know the excitement of collecting shiny spawns and dex. As per the sources, the new shiny slugma can chance as a spawn of a shiny variant in addition to regular spawns. 

Herein, the players have the chance to collect and add two very new shiny Pokémon, which include the Shiny Slugma and its perpetual evolution from Shiny Magcargo.

Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go

The Shiny Magcargo is the evolved version of Shiny Slugma. Speaking more about Shiny Slugma, it is a feature that will be found sticking even after the event of Mountains of Power closes down.

Besides, it will be available from Field Research and Wild Encounters tasks during the event. Moreover, whether the Slugma will remain in the field research as a reward will vary across months.

Coming to Magcargo, it can be defined as a limbless and snail-like Pokémon. It gets its name, considering the red magma it contains. The internal temperature is 18000 F which makes Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go evaporate on coming in contact with water.

Final Conclusion

The newest addition of Shiny Slugma and its evolved version, the Shiny Magcargo, has surely left the players curious to explore it further. The Magcargo is found across the mountainous regions and lived on the volcano craters for tens and thousands of years.

It remains to be seen whether the rewards will be available throughout the game. Besides, the rewards are supposed to vary from month to month. Are you interested in reading more about Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go? Then, get more information about it here.

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