Sherri Kramer Wiki (Jan 2022) Some Facts Detailed Here!

The guide shares details about the ex-wife of Bob Saget and includes everything found on the Sherri Kramer Wiki page.

The actor-comedian popular for his role as a single dad in the sitcom’s “Full House,” Bob Saget was found dead in a hotel in Florida, United States. He died at the age of 65 on 9th Jan 2022, as confirmed by the local police. 

Bob Segat left behind a huge legacy; thanks for the comedic role in the show and exceptional hosting skills in the Funniest Home Videos. His fans and family will miss him, including his wife, Kelly Rizzo. 

Before Kelly, he was married to Sherri Kramer and later divorced. Let us see what Sherri Kramer Wiki has to say about her.

Who Is Sherri Kramer and How They Met?

As mentioned, Sherri Kramer is the ex-wife of the popular comedian and TV show host, Bob Saget. Before marrying Kelly Rizzo, he was married to Sherri Kramer, and the couple had three kids. 

According to the wiki page, Bob mentioned Dirty Daddy about his previous wife in his book. He says that he met with Sherri Kramer Wiki when he was only 17, and they were attending school together, where they fell into love.

They got married in 1982, and she got registered as an attorney in the California State Bar, United States. 

How Many Kids They Have According to Sherri Kramer Wiki Page?

Sherri Kramer and Bob Saget had three kids together. All of them are daughters. Bob had also raved about his kids in the media. In 2016, the actor said that his daughters are his lifeline, and he is fortunate to have them in his life. 

According to the wiki page, the couple had three daughters, of whom Aubrey Saget is the oldest born on 15th Feb 1987, the second daughter is Lara Saget, born on 16th Oct 1989, and the eldest is Jennifer, born on 18th Nov 1992.

As per Sherri Kramer Wiki page, the oldest daughter paints for her living and serves as co-founder of Studio 2000 in NYC. Lara is an artist who serves in her sister’s studio. There is not much information about Jennifer as she keeps out of the spotlight. 

Profile and Early Life of Sherri Kramer!

Bob Saget’s ex-wife, Sherri Kramer, was born on Aug 8th, 1956, and she is 65 years old. The wiki page has very few details of Sherri Kramer, and the family details are missing. It only confirms that she went to Pennsylvania University to pursue her law degree and earned the law degree from there. 

According to Sherri Kramer Wiki page, she got married to Bob on 16th May 1982, and he had three beautiful daughters. The couple separated on 10th Nov 1997, and after that, she didn’t get married to anyone. However, Bob decided to marry a TV Host, Model, and Blogger, Kelly Rizzo, in 2018.  


Sherri Kramer leads a very low-profile lifestyle, and hence very few details are available online. The estimated net worth of Bob’s ex-wife is $820 000, and she is known for contributing to fundraising events organized across the states. For more details, you may check the Sherri Kramer Wiki page online. 

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