Sharswood Plantation Miller {Aug} Let Us Know The Info!

Are you quite curious to know about the Sharswood Plantation Miller news? If yes, read the blog till the end to find out the details.

Have you come across the recent hot news related to the Sharswood Plantation? Are you interested in digging into the details of this piece of information? If yes, continue reading till the end because here we will update you with the most viral news of the United States within this blog. 

Well, to know more details regarding the Sharswood Plantation Millerkeep reading this article but before that, let’s find out who Fred miller is and what his relation to this trending news.

Who is Fred Miller and his link with Sharswood?

Fred Miller is a 56-year-old man who is an Air Force veteran by profession. He spent his childhood in Virginia and thus was looking for a property in his hometown of Virginia in the urge of his frequent family get together. Fred presently lives in California for his profession and is quite willing to get a property within his hometown. At last, he ended up buying his ancestral property, ‘The Sharswood plantation,’ unknowingly. Keep reading to know more.

What is Sharswood Plantation Miller?

The house or a property of Fred Miller brought was known as the Sharswood. His sister Karen Dixon- Rexroth first came across the property while walking with her mother by the road near the property. She witnessed the sale board and informed her brother about the property. 

After buying the property, his sister and her cousins researched the massive white house. Coincidently, it was revealed through the research that the house belonged to their ancestors during the Civil War, Edwin Miller, and Nathaniel Crenshaw Miller. The property was then 2000 acres of Plantation property.

The 60 mins Show

The Sharswood Plantation Miller news went viral through the 60mins show. The whole story of buying the ancestral property without any intention of Fred went viral after discussing it on the 60mins show. Fred spent his childhood in the shadow of the white-coloured green-roofed house. He and his cousins always witnessed the house while going to school. 

After buying the property, his sisters researched regarding Sharswood. They found out that the property was connected to Sarah Miller, the great-grandmother of Fred, the owner of the property, Karen, Fred’s sister, and Dexter, Fred’s cousin’s brother. To know more about Sharswood Plantation Miller news, continue reading the blog. 

More about Miller ancestor

Sarah Miller passed away at age 81 in 1949, and her parents were violet and David Miller, who were enslaved in the Sharswood. Thus, the plantation property was connected to the whole Miller Family. The property of around $225,000, approximately 10.5 acres at the end, was not just a family gathering spot for Fred and his family but an ancestral property too. Therefore, that’s how he unknowingly acquired the whole ancestral property, which was quite astonishing for him and his cousins.


We hope the news on Sharswood Plantation Miller was quite exciting for the readers. The whole story of buying the present owner’s ancestral property was quite surprising for him and his family. When the sisters revealed that the whole property was the Sharswood plantation house was more astonishing to the whole Miller family.

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