Shark Ez Robot Vacuum Review (Jan 2022) Is This Legit?

The guide shares an in-depth Shark Ez Robot Vacuum Review to help consumers make the right choice.

Do you want to make your home cleaning job a breeze for you? Are you looking for an effective home cleaning device to make the job smoother? Then, you must consider settling with the new and innovative Shark Ez Robot Vacuum.

With a self-empty base and Google Assistant, the vacuum cleaner is here to make your chores easier and smoother than ever before. It is a portable and effective robot vacuum cleaner with intelligent features, like a bag-less self-empty base.

But, buyers in the United States are searching for Shark Ez Robot Vacuum Review before making the purchasing decision.   

What is Shark Ez Robot Vacuum?

Shark Ez Robot Vacuum RV913S is the automated intelligent robot vacuum cleaner for homes and offices. It is the easy-to-use machine for your daily home cleaning needs. The vacuum cleaner come with automated functions and features like a self-empty bag-less base. After cleaning sessions, the robot empties the dust into the bag-less self-empty base automatically.

Shark is the reliable and reputed brand trusted by many homemakers in the United States. The brand has many other vacuum cleaners that focus on making the daily cleaning jobs a breeze. With the same legacy, Shark Ez Robot Vacuum RV913S has been designed.

But, you are urged to read the Shark Ez Robot Vacuum Review before making the purchasing decision to avoid hassles later.     

Specifications of The Robot Vacuum

  • Brand – Shark
  • Manufacturer – Shark Ninja
  • Weight – 12.23 lbs
  • Dimension – 13.38 inches Length, 18.50 inches Width and 11.42 Inches Height
  • App Control – Google Assistant
  • Power – Rechargeable Battery
  • Compatibility – Pet Dander, Debris, Dust 
  • Price – $499 

Pros of Shark Ez Robot Vacuum

  • Self-Emptying and bag-less base to hold a large amount of debris and dirt
  • Powerful suction capacity
  • Cleans room to room methodically 
  • Rechargeable batteries 
  • A good amount of Shark Ez Robot Vacuum Review is available 
  • Handles debris and dirt on carpet and hard flooring
  • Voice and App controls
  • Lightweight and hold multiple sessions worth of debris
  • Easy and convenient to use  

Cons of Shark Ez Robot Vacuum 

  • The product is out of stock currently
  • It is not available on different ecommerce website
  • Reviews are only on the seller’s website 
  • No details on battery capacity and backup 

Is Shark Ez Robot Vacuum Legit or Scam?

Whether Shark Ez Robot Vacuum is legit or a scam is a question that many buyers have in their minds. It is essential to evaluate the legitimacy of the product before buying to avoid online scams. 

  • Shark Ez Robot Vacuum Review on the seller’s website confirms its legitimacy. We found a 4.3-star rating out of 5 on the seller’s website, based on the reviews shared by the consumers. There is a mixed review available on the seller’s website, and it demands proper analysis and research before buying.
  • The product is available on a reputed ecommerce website with multiple comments and reviews. So, it can’t be considered a scam.
  • The product is from a reputed brand Shark that has delivered some of the best vacuum cleaners to the consumers worldwide. 

Based on these factors, we can’t consider the product a scam. But, evaluation and proper analysis is necessary to make the right choice. 

Shark Ez Robot Vacuum Review – What Customers Have to Say?

As mentioned, we found multiple reviews on the seller’s website. The product has been praised and appreciated by many consumers. However, it has got mixed reviews from consumers, of which the majority of the reviews are in favor of Shark Ez Robot Vacuum.

Many consumers are satisfied with the quality and performance of the vacuum cleaner. They are pleased with a bag-less self-empty base that can hold multiple sessions worth of debris and dirt. But, some consumers have shared negative feedback, and hence it becomes essential to review and analysis the product further to make the right choice. 

Make your purchasing decision based on Shark Ez Robot Vacuum Review from genuine consumers as it helps you learn the Product’s Legitimacy.


Shark Ez Robot Vacuum RV913S is the robot vacuum cleaner with multiple intelligent functions and features to make the home cleaning job a breeze for you. Many consumers have praised the product, which is evident from the massive number of positive reviews it has received. 

However, consumers are requested to analyze the product further as some consumers are disappointed with the performance. So, due to the mixed Shark Ez Robot Vacuum Review, it is necessary to analyze the product further to make a wise purchasing decision.    

Are you using the Robot Vacuum Cleaner? Then, please share your opinion in the comment section for others. 

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