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Starting a new business, whether small or big, gives you control over your income and work life. It offers flexibility and the funds you need to achieve your goals presently and in the future. But, understanding how to start a new business and the types of niches to focus on can be a real challenge for a newbie. Fortunately, there are several business ideas to start with low investment and overhead cost, and those options can be highly profitable. Here is the list of potential business ideas you can start with a low budget. 


Tuition classes or tutoring is the startup that needs zero upfront expenses other than materials. People with a degree in study or education can teach students and make a handsome income without spending money on marketing and advertising. Once your tutoring business starts to get students and go off the ground, the business can offer you a flexible schedule, which can be lucrative. 


If you have the degree, you can start the transcription business and start earning right away. Transcription is taking video or audio recordings and writing out what is said in the audio or videos. It is a lucrative business that needs no upfront expenses except the skills to transcript the videos and audio.

Food Truck

According to surveys, people who operate food trucks usually earn handsome income annually. The startup expenses can be substantial, but the overhead cost is comparatively low than opening a new restaurant. The startup cost is not too high compared to other businesses, making it a lucrative business choice with skills in cooking.

Consulting Business

Do you have skills and expertise gained from your experiences? You can start a consulting business which is the most lucrative business. To start the company, you will need an advanced degree and proven work experience in the niche. You may also need a network of people who consider you a trusted and reliable expert to find new consulting work and projects. 

Mobile Car Washing and Detailing

It is a new business idea that is trending in 2022. You can start the business with limited upfront expenses if you have the skills and supplies for car detailing and washing. 

These are some business ideas for starting to make a high profit with low upfront expenses. If you are a business analyst or have a good understanding of the business world, you may grab the  Write for Us Business Guest Post opportunity.

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