{Watch} Shaquille Robinson Story: Check Cctv Footage For Friends Fight Which Is Trending On Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter & Reddit Media! Know Obituary Details!

The article describes everything related to Shaquille Robinson Story and takes note of the incident that happened as found in the viral video.

Have you heard of Shaquille’s death? Do you know how she died? Shaquille died in Mexico after going on a trip to Cabo with her friends. After knowing the story, People Worldwide are seeking Justice for her ad and are raising their voices against the crime.

There are no reports behind the cause of her death, and her family members are grieving the loss. We will explain the Shaquille Robinson Story in this article. Stay tuned to know the complete information.

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What happened to Shaquille Robinson?

Shaquille Robinson went to Cabo to celebrate one of her friend’s birthday. They were a group, and within 24 hours, the news of her death shocked everyone. A video is released where one can see Shaquille brutally beaten by one of her friends while others keep cheering, and no one comes for help. 

What does the Cctv Footage reveal?

The Cctv video shows Shaquille being beaten harshly by one of her friends, Daejhanae Jackson, in a hotel room. The others were cheering for Jackson while she allegedly beat her up.

The video is extremely shocking, and what led them to beat Shaquille is unknown, but the officials are investigating the matter. They returned from their vacation and lied to Shaquille’s mother that she had died of extreme intoxication. 

Shaquille Robinson’s Obituary and other details

Shaquille Robinson’s obituary is scheduled for November 19 from 11 a.m to 12 p.m. Her funeral will be held in Macedonia Baptist Church. Some details are provided below.

Full Name Shaquille Brenada Robinson
Age 25
Death date October 28, 2022
Birth Place North Carolina
Profession Businesswoman
Parents Salmondra Robinson

Is the viral video circulating on Twitter?

The video is available on Twitter and other social media platforms. It reveals that she was beaten to death by one of her friends. The exact reason is unknown, but the autopsy reports reveal that she had a broken neck and ribs, and she was not intoxicated.


Is the viral video circulating on Twitter

The reports also reveal that she was not sick, and the cause of death was not intoxication. 

Shaquille Robinson video

Shaquille’s video is circulating on all platforms, especially Instagram, where people are seen posting images and demanding Justice for Shaquille and a punishment for the culprit. The video has shocked the people, and till now, we have not received any reports of the criminal being caught.

The report has alarmed her family members, especially her mother, who is seeking Justice at all costs. She never believed that her daughter died of intoxication, and there were some missing clues behind her death.

Who was present in the video?

The video on the internet shows her Friends cheering for the one beating Shaquille brutally, while Shaquille could not get up and fight back. There are also suspects that she might have been given drinks in excessive amounts so that she could not fight back.

The video is seen as a brutal clip, and people backlash against the event. The Mexico police department said that till now, they had not found any evidence suspecting the murder.

Viral clip of Shaquille on TikTok

The clip has gone viral on social media platforms, and the video can also be seen on TikTok. People shared the video in large numbers with extreme groups and showed extreme displeasure.

What are the hubs where the video is circulated?

The video is found on Reddit, YouTube and all official social media platforms. Shaquille’s mother said that none of her friends narrated the same story, and different people have different points of view, so it was hard for her to believe the story of her death.

Social media links





The culprit is yet to be caught, and her friends are under suspicion. We hope to reach the truth soon. The video of the incident is circulated on all platforms for people to see. What are your views on the video? Comment below.

Shaquille Robinson Story-FAQs

Q1. Who is Shaquille Robinson?

A black woman from North Carolina.

Q2. What was her age?

25 years

Q3. Where did she go for vacations?

Cabo, Mexico

Q4. What does her autopsy report reveal?

A broken neck and cracked ribs.

Q5. What is the name of Shaquille’s mother?

Salmondra Robinson

Q6. Who was present on the trip?

Shaquille went on a trip with her friends.

Q7. When did she die?

October 28, 2022.

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