{Watch} Shanquella Robinson Friends Photos: Check Video Of Shanquella Robinson Being Beaten Details, Find Who Attacked Her!

This article about Shanquella Robinson Friends Photos tells you about new unfolds in the mystery and more about Shanquella Robinson.

Charlotte business women Shanquella Robinson was pronounced dead 24 hours after she left for a vacation in Mexico with six friends.

Have you heard this news? Are you wondering who might have killed her? What can be her cause of death? Do you know that people in the United States are seeking every update related to this case? If you don’t, we will provide a detailed explanation of Shanquella Robinson Friends Photos.

Who are Shanquella’s friends?

People are searching for Shanquella’s friends after the incident takes place. People on social media are talking about the case, and it is rumoured that the suspected friends behind her death are Daejhanae Jackson and Wenter Donovan.

Khalil Cooke is said to be her best friend. salamondra Robinson stated that Khalil had been Shanquella’s best friend for more than five years, and they have a close bond. While talking about the bond, she said that Khalil and Shanquella often go on family trips with each other families.

All the friends were nowhere to be seen after Video Of Shanquella Robinson Being Beaten, and only Nazeer Wiggins came forward to speak for her. You can check Shanquella’s account in the social media links section.


Who are Shanquella’s friends

What are the new folds in the case that came out?

After investigating for some time, police and FBI have discovered some untold facts that are not the same as in the autopsy. Several things came out during the investigation and research. It was found that a general practitioner had arrived and told Shanquella’s friends that she was dehydrated due to liquor and couldn’t speak appropriately at that time, so it was advised to take her to the hospital. Still, none of Shanquella Robinson Friends Photos were on web now, had none of them taken this step and stayed at the villa.


We cannot provide you the beaten video link as it may contain inappropriate content.

Due to remaining in the same state, Shanquella began to have something similar to a cardiac arrest. After seeing this, one of her friends called 911, and a medical professional then arrived and gave her 14 sessions of CPR and five doses of adrenaline before the arrival of paramedics. Still, all went in vain, as nothing was affecting Shanquella. Later at 5:57 pm, it is found that Shanquella is deceased. Shanquella’s friend Donovan informs the police about Shanquella’s condition around 5:00 pm.

Shanquella Being Beaten -What did the police do?

FBI is stating this as femicide, which is violence based on gender. A warrant has been released against the criminal. Shanquella’s mother, salamondra Robinson, said that she trusted the FBI. Finally, she started feeling happy as the investigation won’t go in vain, and soon justice would be served to them.

How did Shanquella’s family come to know about the incident?

Shanquella leaves on a trip on 28 October 2022 with her six friends, as one of them is having a birthday coming soon. Now everyone of Shanquella Robinson Friends Photos were on web and they have deactivated their account. They went to Mexico, where they reside in a San Jose del Cabo villa. The villa is fully furnished and has a private beach. After reaching there, Shanquella talks to her mom for some minutes and says she is tired and will call the next day. 

The next day her mother received a call from her friends stating that Shanquella was no more. All of them are saying different things. Some say that Shanquella died from food poisoning, while others say it happened due to liquor. Salamondra Robinson didn’t listen to anyone of them and reported to the FBI and paid $6000 for bringing Shanquella body back to charlotte. 

Shanquella’s Attack: Social media links:



Final verdict:

Shanquella Robinson, a businesswoman in charlotte, is found dead 24 hours after she goes on a trip with her friends. The investigation is still going on, and justice will be served soon. For more information about Shanquella Robinson, click on the link.

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Shanquella Robinson Friends PhotosFAQs:

Q.1 Who is Shanquella Robinson?

She is a businesswoman in charlotte.

Q.2 Who is Shanquella’s best friend?

Khalil Cooke is known to be her best friend.

Q.3 Who were under suspect in this crime?

Two names that were under suspicion were Daejhanae Jackson and Wenter Donovan, but it is not confirmed.

Q.4 What is the cause of death according to autopsy?

According to the autopsy, the cause of death is a broken spine and neck.

Q.5 Where did she go for the trip?

For the trip, she went to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

Q.6 Why did she go on the trip?

She went on a trip to celebrate one of her friend’s birthday.

Q.7 Where did she reside in Mexico?

She resides in villa Linda 32.

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