Shake Wallpaper Genshin {Oct 2021} Get Full Details!

This article helps to guide you about the Shake Wallpaper Genshin mini-game, its specifications, instructions, surveys, and many more.

Are you an enthusiast of the gaming world? If so, then there is a recent and very fascinating game for you. Shake Wallpaper Genshin is a mini-game that Genshin just broadcasted for us. You  have to shake your phone up and down to reveal the wallpaper. After revealing, you can share and save the mobile wallpapers as well. The game is free to play and makes people crazy across the world, especially in the United States. To know more about this fantasy game, continue reading this article-


  • Formulated and published by miHoYo
  • Released- September 28, 2020
  • Released for Android, IOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows.
  • Genre- Anime style, Role Playing, Action RPG
  • Shake Wallpaper Genshin is free to play the game.
  • It can be played on mobile phones only.

If you have some queries regarding the instructions to play this game, read below- 

How to Play?

It is a mobile mini-game that is free and open to the whole world. This is a platform where one has to vigorously shake the device for eight seconds. It is necessary to get 60 shakes within 8 seconds to reveal the mobile wallpaper. 

There is a little Paimon on the screen, which is there to help you all the time. 

In Shake Wallpaper Genshin, when you get those 60 shakes, Paimon will be happy for you and will guide you to claim your reward. You can share as well as save the mobile wallpapers. In case you don’t get those 60 shakes, you will have to try again. When you miss your target, she will sadly lead you to try harder next time.

Many excited wallpaper characters like Albedo, Amber, Barbara, Diluc, Diona, etc., win.

We have collected some surveys to give you a better opinion about this game. Below are those reviews-

Shake Wallpaper Genshin Journals-

  • “It’s very weird. For a serious 8 seconds, you have to shake your phone to get 60 to win one of the prizes.”
  • “Anyway, the game is only accessible to your phone. It does nothing when you click the link on PC.”
  • “The wallpapers are limited to characters, and I have already seen them before.”
  • “My hands hurt, but I got Zhongli on my first try.”
  • “Paimon is so adorable. It’s fun playing with her, honestly.”
  • “Paimon is there for you for a reason. This game needs so much cheering up.”

Most of them found it difficult to get 60 jerks in 8 seconds.


In conclusion, Shake Wallpaper Genshin is a fun mini-game that you can play in your free time just for recreational purposes. However, if you keep your hopes high about this game, you might get disappointed. Apart from this, Paimon is there with her cute appearance to cheer you up all the time. In case you have something to comment upon, comment here.

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