Serpent Dna Meaning (Jan 2022) Know The Real Story Here!

Serpent Dna Meaning (Jan 2022) Know The Real Story Here! >> Want to grab more information about the news and the reason for killing the children? Read below and get the details.

Are you aware of the Serpent DNA and the news that is flooding the internet regarding it? Well, you can know regarding it through the content that is mentioned below.

Serpent Dna Meaning shows that A father in California stabbed his children to death. The father of the children is the owner of California Surf School, and there are a bizarre list of theories tied to the incident.

Matthew Taylor Coleman, a 40-year-old man, is charged with murder and the news regarding it is seen to be popular in Australia, United States, and Canada.

What is the news about?

As per the news, the man murdered his two-year-old lad and a daughter of just 10 months. The man’s reason for killing his children is all the more terrifying, and we see that the FBI wrote a criminal complaint against the man.

Serpent Dna Meaning helps in knowing that the man killed his children because, according to him, they seemed to become monsters, and he had to kill them.

Moreover, he says that his wife has passed a Serpent DNA on to the children. Also, we see that the man took his children along somewhere without telling his wife, and she had filed a missing person report on Sunday for the same.

We see that the police could track the man because of the Find My iPhone feature, and he was located in Rosarito, Mexico.

Essential points on Serpent Dna Meaning:

  • We see that Coleman brought his two children along with him to the Rosarito on Saturday. All three left the hotel early morning, but Coleman returned alone and checked out.
  • The farm worker also found children’s bodies in the blood.
  • As per the officials, the girl has been stabbed 12 times and the boy 17.
  • Coleman did the stabbing with the spear fishing gun.
  • According to the statement made by the accused, he was saving the world from Monsters.
  • Moreover, the man is enlightened by the Qanon and the Illuminati theories, and he had visions of the same.

Views of people on Serpent Dna Meaning:

People are finding this incident awful. The man just killed his children due to some belief and stabbed them several times. He also mentioned that he was doing wrong, but doing so will only help save the World, so he had to do it. 

Colemans wife wasn’t aware that he could hurt her children. Also, the children were found near the El Descanso and were discovered in blood by the farmworker. 

The bottom line:

We see that the man is facing some issue with his mental state and is having visions of some Serpent DNA . Due to this, he murdered his children and dumped the bodies of his children after stabbing them.

Serpent Dna Meaning shows that the act was so inhumane, and people with such visions and effects should be treated well to prevent such incidents.

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