Semantle Wordle (March 2022) A Hard Mode Wordle Game!

This post offers crucial information about Semantle Wordle, a trendy word puzzle game.

There’s no guessing what may go viral on the internet at any given time. So, who’d have thought that word puzzles would become the next big trend among users on social media? Wordle is an online word puzzle game that has become viral on the internet for various reasons, and its success has led to the creation of other similar games. 

Semantle Wordle is one of the games inspired by it. This game is gaining some traction Worldwide due to its increased difficulty compared to the Wordle game. Keep reading this article to know about its gameplay and other relevant details.

What is Semantle? 

Semantle is regarded as the complicated and challenging version of the Wordle game. It’s a word puzzle game similar to Wordle, but its gameplay and rules are slightly different. Unlike Wordle, there’s no specified dictionary and word length. There’s also no coloring in the blocks to tell the accuracy of the guess. 

In the Semantle Word Game, the word can contain any length and type of character. The game functions with the help of a Worldwide neural network which assigns a similarity score to the guess.

Briefing About Wordle

As we mentioned earlier, Wordle is a popular word puzzle game that you must have heard about through its success on social media. Users must correctly guess the word within a few fixed available tries. The color of the block continuously helps users figure out the accuracy of their guess. The success of this game has led to the creation of many other similar games.

How is Semantle Wordle Played? 

Let’s look at all the relevant details about its gameplay and playing this puzzle game below.

  • David Turner has built this puzzle game that utilizes the Word2vec algorithm that figures out how words relate to one another.
  • The game allows users to make infinite guesses and then offers a similarity score to tell them about its accuracy.
  • This puzzle doesn’t offer any guesses, and players must figure out the answers through these similarity scores.
  • The difficulty of this puzzle lies in the fact that it’s hard to guess the correct word based solely on the similarity scores.
  • The Semantle Word Game offers one puzzle each day, and another noteworthy point is that it allows users to quit at any point in the game. Learn more about Semantle here.

The Final Thoughts               

The word puzzle game Wordle has enjoyed tremendous success and has led to creating a new wave of exciting puzzle games. One of such games is Semantle, which is considered a demanding and challenging game. We have mentioned crucial details about the game above. 

Have you tried playing the Semantle game yet? How would you rate the difficulty level of this game? Have you solved any Semantle puzzle on your own? Please share your thoughts on this Semantle Wordle game in the comments.

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