Seahawks Wordle {April} New Version For Football Lovers!

This news is a complete insight about the new combination of NBA and MLB for new trends by Seahawks Wordle.

Have you seen the new version delivered for the NFL Players? Have you read the new rules specifically given for the new version? If not, then read below for more information.

People from the United States to Canada are excited about the version that involves knowledge about football in the puzzle. The new version of Wordle has been introduced for the players waiting for the football to be indulged in a puzzle. Read below for more info about the Seahawks Wordle.

A new version for the Wordle players

The new version of the game brings out the latest update regarding the attachment of football and MLB keywords. The specification was given out by the New York Times by April 2022. The game’s background brings attachment to the different versions and increasing popularity.

The new version of the game includes more guessing attempts and clear indications about the puzzle questions. Also, depositions of the letters have changed in regards to the silhouette mode. The Latest read below about the new steps set up for the MLB puzzles and other related concepts of the Seahawks Game.

How to play

This is a new and different challenge based on the countries and players’ details. For easy discussion and finding the correct process on how to play the game, some of the suggestions and tips are given below:-

  • The user must visit the official wordle website and click on the Seahawks version.
  • The players must start solving the puzzle after reading the hints.
  • The puzzle must be solved within eight attempts.
  • The yellow box and grey box must be moved to make the puzzle’s correct option.

Rules to play Seahawks Wordle

The players can easily play the game as simple as the first version of Wordle. However, the change formed in the rules and regulations are as mentioned below-

  • The player can attempt the answer for solving the puzzle 8 times.
  • The green column that matches the other green brings new hints for the player.
  • For the play to have a division of the categories, the new lessons and knowledge about the MLB are being defined.
  • The players get to solve a new mystery play daily.
  • If the player starts scoring high ranks in a streak, he gets to win some awards.

Why is the Seahawks Game Trending?

The news is trending as it includes 5 letter passes and more the updated version of puzzles relating to volleyball and football. Many players are proud of this new update given by the New York Times. The new incoming player account has made it trending.


This news speaks about the Wordle updated by the New York Times. The update was given after the 26th of April versions like unlimited and 5 letter words. With the help of new rules and regulations, the user cannot cheat the answers. 

Is the article helpful about new parameters and knowledge on Seahawks Wordle? Comment on your experience with the new Wordle version.

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