Script Fighting Ultimate Codes {June} A Fun Simulator!

This post, Script Fighting Ultimate Codes will guide our readers through all the information regarding this game.

Do you like to play games? Do you have an interest in playing fighting games? Have you ever heard about the Script Fighting game? Yes, you heard it correctly, script fighting game. There is a game named script fighting, which was made by Roblox. It is a very famous simulator in the United States. Now this simulator comes with new codes. 

This post, Script Fighting Ultimate Codes, will provide all our readers the best information about the codes of this game.

Script Fighting game codes

Script fighting is a simulator made by Roblox which is getting so popular nowadays. It is a fighting game where one needs to know the codes. The player must know the codes to win over the opposition fighter or player. So, here we are going to reveal some codes of this game. Kindly look into this section carefully.

  • Elevator code- 381395
  • Deepz code- 4206090
  • weapon code- map13,
  • Boost up code- hardmode

So, these are the codes which are getting so famous nowadays among the players of script fighting games.

Script Fighting Ultimate Codes

Script fighting is the latest simulator of Roblox, which is getting so popular nowadays. All the people are enjoying this game. Presently it has come under the category of most played games. Here, one needs to know the codes of the game. This game depends on the codes. Players can fight, boost up their health, use weapons, and fight with other players by using the codes only. This game is considered  still the new game and also received its updates two times. In the last update, it came up with Script Fighting Ultimate Codes, which became famous among the players.

How to play this game?

This game has become so popular nowadays in the US. People liked this game. Some people who have not tried this game yet are asking for the rules to play this game. So don’t worry if you are new to this game. We will give you instructions on how to play this game. Please go through this section carefully.

We just wanted to inform people who are new to this game that this is a fighting game. But you don’t just press the keys to fight. Here you should find the exact Script Fighting Ultimate Codes; for example, the weapon code in trend nowadays is the sword. So you need to enter this code to use the weapon while fighting. Like this only, there are codes of going with elevator, fighting with hands etc. So one needs to go through the list of the codes once to play this game.


Summing up this post, we have shared all the necessary information about this script fighting game. We have tried our best to share all the correct information with our readers regarding this game. Please visit this link to know more about the Script Fighting game  

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