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Have you solved today’s Wordle puzzle? Do you want to know about Scite Wordle? Then, please read this post.

Are you into playing Wordle each morning? Did you try and find the answer to today’s Wordle? Most people could not, and they took the help of the Internet to find the answer. Want to know how? Let us find out!

You can play Wordle online for free, whether you are from Australia or New Zealand. The game allows you to maintain streaks if you successfully guess the word daily. And you can also share your result on Twitter. This exciting feature was released later and has since made the game popular. 

Why is Scite Wordle trending? Let us find out! 

Wordle Answer for Today:

Wordle is a popular worldwide game that allows you to put your brain into use each morning and have a fresh and interesting start to the day. 

Each day starts with a new puzzle, and people worldwide guess the same word. Players who guess the correct word share their results online. However, sometimes the puzzle has increased difficulty, just like today’s Wordle puzzle. 

Players thought that the correct answer was Scite when instead, the correct answer for today’s Wordle is something else. We will reveal the answer in the next section. 

Hints for Scite Game Wordle #370:

If you struggled to guess today’s Wordle answer for 24 June 2022, here are some clues to help you with the same. You must keep reading to find what the correct final answer is:

  • The five-letter word begins with a consonant and ends with a vowel.
  • There are a total of 2 vowels in the final word.
  • No alphabet is repeated in today’s five-letter Wordle word. 
  • The word starts with S. 
  • The word is referred to a heavy blow or stroke with a hand or a weapon. 

Still didn’t get the answer? The answer for Wordle #370 for 24 June 2022 is SMITE. Thus, Scite Wordle is not the correct answer. 

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a free-to-play web-based word game. The New York Times Company has published and owned the game since 2022. However, the game was originally developed by a Welsh Software Engineer, Josh Wardle. 

The game is available in several languages and does not require prior registration. In addition, numerous alternate versions of the game are released by third parties and offer additional features. 

The game has received massive positive reviews from players and users worldwide. As a result, people continue to play this Scite Game Wordle every day. 

How to play Wordle?

The gameplay of Wordle is easy and simple to understand. Five tiles are displayed on your screen in 6 rows, which implies that you have 6 tries to guess the final 5-letter word.

Once you enter a meaningful 5-letter word in the tiles and press enter, their colour changes to give you feedback: grey tile means that the letter is incorrect, yellow tile means that the letter is correct but in a wrong position, and green tile means the letter is in the correct place. 

Final Words:

We hope you have found out why Scite Wordle is trending on the Internet today and what the correct Wordle #370 answer is. You can learn more about Wordle here!

Were you able to guess the correct word using the hints given above? Tell us in the comments. 

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